Monday, February 20, 2012

Where do we go from here?

At left, our Occupy film series is pretty well-attended for Republican Greenville! Last Wednesday we viewed the historical account, A Force More Powerful (Part 1). This coming Wednesday evening we will be featuring Part 2... be there or be square!

These will be at the Hughes Library in downtown Greenville, SC.

Our Occupy Greenville meeting yesterday was endless. It was rainy and cold, so we went to the Coffee Underground and had one of those interminable "What Is To Be Done" meetings. (The Yippies, goofing on Lenin, used to name these meetings, What Is To Be Undone.) Although I feel that I must attend such meetings, I have never particularly enjoyed them. (Note: I described the meetings-glut period of my life in this post.) Why can't we just DO THINGS and come up with ideas as we go along? Damn, I miss the Yippies with every fiber of my being... we never had to have mountains of meetings.* We made shit up in the car, by the time we arrived someplace, we were ready. All this verbiage, all this dithering, all this arriving at consensus (sorta) and stuff, argh.

Just do it. (Apologies for stealing an advertising slogan, which by the way, they stole from ordinary basketball players and NASCAR drivers.)

Speaking personally: I would like to physically occupy foreclosed homes, something Occupy Atlanta has been doing. Others seem to eye this concept with skepticism, and would actually prefer to confront rich CEOs personally, as the Verizon strikers so memorably did. My consigliere confides in me that he is skeptical of that approach; he worries that the right-wing will successfully paint us as whiners, jealous of an individual's wealth, rather than successfully connecting-the-dots to an unfair system that denies workers the fruits of their/our labors (while making CEOs so untouchably rich). We would have to depend on the mass media to make that point. Can they do that? We have been surprised at how the media has used Occupy's talking points, for instance, the now-well-known "60 Minutes" piece on the robo-signing of mortgages would likely never have happened at all, without the force of Occupy Wall Street.

And the Beat Goes On. Please show up at the film series, we need you to get involved! (commercial) And what do you think we should be doing at this juncture? COMMENTS WELCOME!

*Yes, admittedly, this is because we were all alike and thought the same, as I said in this old comment a couple of years ago.

**PODCAST of Saturday's radio show is up, have a listen.


Yesterday, driving down the street in the awful cold rain, I suddenly heard "Far East Mississippi" on WPCI, the most amazing radio station in the universe, and I was suddenly happy happy happy as the proverbial clam.

Last month's piece on the infamous Ohio Players album covers is here (CAUTION: they were something else). This incredible piece of music comes from Contradiction (1976) (warning: another naked lady on the album cover, feeding a horse this time).

If you listen, you can hear the Great God of Funk, who decided to come down from funk heaven (in George Clinton's Mothership, one assumes!) and consecrate this music, which is how it got to sound like this: Unbelievable!


Far East Mississippi - Ohio Players


bryce said...

i like idea of going to rich ppl's houses &would get media coverage

El Guapo said...

I'm in both camps, I think we can do small but noticeable actions now and start really focusing on what the end game is, when will occupy be happy?

Consigliere said...

Meetings which last forever are like the meetings which no one shows up at, meetings where people yell at one another and meetings where people say stuff they wish they hadn't said....crap we have to go through to get to the other side.

I do understand the desire to create a common foundation to start from, but I'm pretty much too old to let someone tell me "This is how it was back then" unless they are talking about WAY back then. I understand that history...actual history, the "stuff that happened" NOT in reality the stuff that generals and presidents did, but what we ALL did...and there are a lot more privates who made stuff happen than generals who made stuff happen. I don't feel any need to be educated about "how the world works".

But that's just me.

Loved the song! Ohio Players are great.

prefer not to say said...

d, if we can shut the dudes up for three seconds, i might attend occupy meetings. the ones i attended (in midwest) were all educated white boys giving their opinions and trying to impress each other w/them. a lot of talk and little action.

i could get as much from pbs.

JoJo said...

The way you describe the long meetings made me think about some stories one of my coworkers told me about her days in the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley. Her ex husband was my boss (they got along well; she was our bookkeeper), Malcolm Burnstein, one of the defense attorneys for the movement. I asked her what it was like to be at those meetings with the students and Mal and she said that the women were never allowed to be a serious part of the conversations and planning at all; the women were pretty much relegated to all the crap, grunt work and making food and coffee for the long meetings. The men pretty much got all the glory. Glad to see times have changed. :)

JoJo said...

PS By the way, the Clash-lyric-from Clampdown name of your post was a nice touch. ;D

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jojo, I shoulda known you would get my lyrical reference; I also considered "What are we gonna do now?" from the same song. :D

The line "Where do we go from here?" is also in David Essex's 70s hit "Rock On"--but not in a political context, as The Clash song is.

senchi said...

magnificent tuneage!