Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday linkage

Stuff you should be reading:

flyover or drivethrough country? a little about class and air travel
: And how do you feel about that snotty term, "flyover country"?

Josh Horwitz on the Secret Market Segments of the Gun Manufacturers: Mike asks the pertinent question, if the gun lobby and gun manufacturers are going to such great lengths to conceal the exact numbers of sales, what are they up to?

Behold the most racist political ad of the year: You've been warned. It appears they managed to locate Charlie Chan's long-lost daughter, to do this awful commercial.

Merck pays a pittance for mass deaths: Question: Who killed more Americans —al Qaeda crashing airplanes into the World Trade Center, or Merck pushing Vioxx? Answer: Merck, by a factor of 18. Are you surprised?

Human Rights Campaign's New York Gala Dinner Protested By Queer Occupy Wall Street Group: On Saturday, a subset of Occupy Wall Street protesters calling themselves "Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street" protested the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gala dinner at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel because the organization was honoring Goldman Sachs.

Dennis Kucinich v. Marcy Kaptur: How GOP Redistricting Will Force Out a Top Progressive Congressmember: Two of the best in congress, which one would you choose? I have much empathy for my home state on this one.

Chris Hayes: Why Clint Eastwood’s commercial devastates Republicans: For the life of me, I can't figure out all the hoopla over the SuperBowl Clint Eastwood commercial. Hayes explains it.

Madonna, M.I.A., 'Bad Girls': The Dangers of Co-Opting Cool: As I stated yesterday, there were more tweets about M.I.A. flipping the audience the bird during the SuperBowl, than about the entire war in Afghanistan. I mean, you know, a star flipping the bird on live TV is big news. Everybody wants to know why she did it, and Joshua Ostroff explains why. (Although I did have to leave a post, correcting his iconography.) In addition, she may face a hefty a FCC fine.

Newt Gingrich's last comeback: (screams) Oh no, not another one.

I have always intended to link this great blog that you should visit every day: A PHOTO A DAY FROM PLANET EARTH. They're always outstanding!

And we end with another incisive observation from the Dalai Lama, courtesy of Mills River Progressive.


Sitting in an old Midwestern dining room with curtains flapping in the breeze. Where was it? Not my house. But it was dusk and the strong spring scent of lilacs flowed through the room. I remember peering out the window, but I don't remember the view. I do remember the song. :)

Warning: it's old and was obviously recorded right off the psychedelic teevee. This version (with embedding disabled) is more listenable than the one below, which ain't saying much.

My apologies for poor quality, but of COURSE it would have poor quality. :)

Blues Magoos - We Ain't Got Nothin Yet


John Powers said...

Hum, I think I'm off topic--as usual. But I'm coming here by way of a comment you left at my blog, where you say--and I'm paraphrasing--Tumblr sucks and Facebooks sucks.

You are community builder, the community that takes account of the rest of us. And links are one way you do it.

I think you're chaffing against the silos and the walled gardens of the Internet. I find it strange that lots of technically inclined people think that Facebook in particular is "just" for communities like you build.

I'm off in the weeds, before I go I'll link Mathew Ingram Do Users Really Care Whether the Web Is Open or Not?. Ingram has some good links in that post.

Ingram makes a good point that what we really care about are the restrictions. That's a good point, but kind of blunts the thrust of what I mean to say and that is: Yeah we do care.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Nah, all of Facebook doesn't suck, TIMELINE sucks! They should have left it alone! :p

John Powers said...

LOL, I kind of like the Timeline ;-)

D. said...

For what it's worth I have Blues Magoos and Electric Prunes in the same memory slot--nice to get them separated!