Thursday, February 2, 2012

Noam Chomsky update

We are planning a taped interview with Noam Chomsky tomorrow, and intending to run it on the Saturday morning show.

Needless to say, this has made me a nervous wreck.

As Mr Daisy told me, "Well, you'll be talking to a living legend, but don't let that intimidate you."

Ohhh, I wouldn't dream of it!

I am hoping to transcribe the interview for the blog. (It occurred to me a day or so ago, that I used to transcribe silly doctors and lawyers for a living, so I think I know how to do that!) Stay tuned!

Or as Don Cornelius (R.I.P.) would have said, its gonna be a stone gas. (We'll miss you, Don.)


I had a longish post in the works about left-wing talk radio, or rather, the lack of it. It kind of fizzled... and for that you have my profound apologies. Like Stanley Kubrick, I had intended to go back to the Dawn of Radio and explain how this unfortunate state-of-affairs came to be, but as it turns out... I only knew the semi-official explanation.

Yesterday, I went to an organizational meeting for Deb Morrow, fabulous 4th District congressional candidate and Spartanburg Occupier. I met up with my friend Tom Davies, an experienced campaign consultant who once wrote a dissertation on the rise of right-wing talk radio (which made me feel rather stupid on the subject). He positively overflowed with information and ideas, so I put my post on hold. He started riffing impressively on the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine (in 1987), which he said was the genesis of the trend. It was? So, the government GAVE BIRTH to right-wing talk radio?

Ah, so no wonder there wasn't (and consequently, isn't) a huge wave of LEFT WING talk radio.

My concern is: how cheap and available radio-time is, compared to television. Shouldn't it therefore be a bastion of LEFT WING sympathies? Why isn't it? Aren't we all about providing the poorest people with information and arming them with facts? (Radio is free to whoever has a radio, unlike cable TV, and is therefore a poor-people's medium, especially as satellite-radio gains popularity.)

Is the dearth of left-wing talk radio another salient example of how the American Left lost the working classes? Or as Tom said, is it simply that the Right rushed in to buy the cheap airwaves, since they had the loot on hand (and the necessary, additional financial backing) to do so?

Opinions welcome. How did the Right-wing take over talk radio?


And of course, in answering that last question, there is the irreverence factor. As an ex-Yippie, I possess the necessary irreverence and iconoclasm for talk radio... but I do wonder if I have the necessary THICK SKIN.

Recent theoretical brawls in Blogdonia have left me exhausted and bloodied, and even more than that, remembering what I wrote back in October about Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Again, I ask: How do they do it? I wish they'd give us a nonpartisan workshop: How not to care what people say about you, a Workshop for Political Women. Something like that.

When they start trashing political women in a specifically sexist and personal way, saying "Man Coulter" and calling Malkin racist, anti-Asian names--how do they handle this stuff? Do they just turn it off and refuse to read the insults? Does it ever keep them awake at night? Do they have bodyguards? Have they had stalkers? Inquiring minds want to know!

I have recently had the experience of being called all kinds of vicious names by total strangers who have not interacted with me, ever. This is patently weird. I am used to people who have interacted with me (or claim they have), announcing I am full of shit and/or evillll, but total strangers? This is a new phenomenon in my life; it means I am getting semi-famous, or at least, infamous. (Am I ready for that?)

Eeeeep! I would appreciate a workshop on what will happen as we take my radio show to the next level, and how I should gird my loins for the umm, FANS, who might come out of the woodwork.

Going into the six month of the show! Can you believe it? WHOEVER THOUGHT we would continue this long? The Green Party (my current sponsor) appreciates my blather, and I appreciate that they appreciate me.

As stated before, stay tuned. Its gonna be a stone gas.

And happy Groundhog Day!


JoJo said...

I was going to make the same observation about the righties having the disposable income to buy their way into anything.

As for the thick skin thing, if you ever figure out how to have one, let me know. I 'bruise' easily. It's one reason why I never wanted to become a lawyer. lol

Blue Heron said...

I consider myself a nuanced progressive. I loathe Chomsky. I hope that you do an effective job preparing and ask him some tough questions, not just lob him softballs.

DaisyDeadhead said...

BH, wow, really? Why?

I will probably lob softballs since I am too scared to do much else. :P

One of these days, I will be an experienced professional and I will make you proud, but not yet! LOL

Blue Heron said...

You are a smart cookie. I think that you can start now.

DaisyDeadhead said...

BH, tell me what is your issue with Chomsky? I honestly don't have any, so give me a clue here. Is this a linguistic thing?

thene said...

The way I do the thick-skin thing is by playing both ends off against each other when appropriate; disengaging from the internet for a few hours or days, and saying 'fuck it, I have a real life with a spouse and a dog and two jobs and I do not need this shit'.

Enjoy your interview! Don't let the ivory tower intimidate you, seriously!

Blue Heron said...

I sent you an old blog post of mine on Chomsky, the glorification of and being an apologist for Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocide, the linkage with the holocaust deniers, etc..I don't have a problem with his linguistic theory, believe he was a one time student of Claude Levi Strauss.

Conseigleri said... 2 cents. The Daisy Deadhead Show exists in large part to bring progressive points of view to an audience fed a steady diet of Limbaugh, Beck, and every other sort of right wing voices you can imagine. Here locally we have access to one other locally produced talk radio program, Another Voice, and The Ed Show, and that is IT!

Why would we deliberately stick a finger in his eye? First of all, he is doing us a HUGE favor by being on the show. Having him on the air...FREE the uber-right wing bastion which IS Greenville County a profound event. I am not opposed to serious questions, and if he gives us enough time to evaluate US foreign and domestic policy over the last 30 years I will be happy to bring up Pol Pot, a seriously fucked up totalitarian dictator who was as deserving of an ignominious death as anyone has ever been...but I fear that the lessons of the last 30 years may take up most of our 20 minutes.

As to a thick skin...what makes you think Coulter or Malkin or Clinton or even someone like Rachael Carson...didn't/don't react exactly the way you do? Thick skin is not really as common as people think. It HURTS like hell when someone calls me a "political hack" or a "limousine liberal" or even a "cracker"....but I don't allow myself to internalize it. think back to your sales experience. They are NOT rejecting YOU...they are rejecting your IDEAS...even if they put it in seriously fucked up personal ways that make it FEEL very personal. Remember too, if they met you face to face they would know just how great you are and would be soooo ashamed of themselves for giving you crap, so the next step is to do the show from a stadium so all 50,000 listeners can see you up close and personal.

BTW...I now have a silk screen to make B/W Daisy Deadhead Tee Shirts thanks to Anna Shockley. Ready to get more richer and famouser?

bryce said...

good luck, d!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Thanks Bryce and Thene... Gregg, I know, I owe it to my (future) fans. (((vogues))) I'm ready for my close-up, Mr De-Mille!

I've decided I'm going to talk about the word OCCUPY and the fact that some radicals don't like it, colonialist/imperialist throwback, etc. Here is a good article about the omnipresence of the word. A linguist will want to talk about words!

And that's cool, since if yall have not noticed, I love words. :)

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