Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Father Christmases

Two Father Christmas songs, played on my radio show. We will be playing them next Saturday, of course.

Father Christmas - The Kinks


I believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake

The lovely melody in the song's middle section was borrowed from Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kijé, which always makes me think of the end of Woody Allen's Love and Death.

:: Your weekend dose of cute comes from HuffPo: Baby Seal Enters House, Sleeps On Couch. As adorable as it sounds!

:: This weekend's podcast is up! Yall come visit.


West said...

I noticed you had a commercial today! That makes you a greedy capitalist! They may pull your admission to the OWS! You and Rush Limbaugh--- two peas in a pod!

JoJo said...

Greg Lake's song makes me weep every time I hear it. It's sooooo beautiful. I have the 45.

bryce said...

love the lake song