Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bright lights, dark room

I am currently watching Dennis Hopper playing a neo-nazi on an old Twilight Zone episode. Very strange.

I heard this hypnotic old song from Speak and Spell the other night. (I have it on vinyl and therefore have not heard it in eons, since I have nothing to play it on.) Now I can't stop hearing: I.. take.. pictures... photographic... pictures... in my head, over and over, as well as the words of today's blog post title. Bright Lights. Dark Room.

Sharing the dreaded earworm!

Depeche Mode - Photographic

Although I usually agree with Eminem that "don't nobody listen to techno"--I always made exceptions for Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. I also confess to an enduring love of Dirty Vegas's "Days go by"--something I would not ordinarily admit if I were not watching an ancient Twilight Zone episode.


JoJo said...

I love Dennis Hopper! And some of the new wave techno from the late 70's and early 80's was great. I'm a huge fan of OMD.

catsynth said...

There is some great techno and some lousy techno, pretty much like any other genre. I tend to like things that either explore interesting electronic sounds, or have strong four-on-the-floor beats.

thene said...

I love techno. I'm a subvocaliser; I often need music without lyrics so I can get on with reading or writing.