Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Spartanburg

At left: Does this occupation photo make me look fat?

Occupy Spartanburg kicked off today at Daniel Morgan Square in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Woo-hoo! Getting warmed up for a very eventful weekend. Tomorrow, Occupy Greenville kicks off, and it looks like it is... REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! I am stunned that even conservative upstate South Carolina is furious enough at Wall Street to take to the streets. This means it's for real, folks. IT'S FOR REAL.

The organizing meeting was last night, and for Greenville County, the turn-out was mighty impressive. A big meeting, of course, means lots of different perspectives, and there was a buncha blather about what we stand for, what we intend to say, make a statement, yada yada. The meeting included anarchists, at least one person running for office, a Swami, and a couple of Ron Paul supporters. The diversity was surprising, and beautiful to behold.

My prediction is that the Occupy movement will ultimately outgrow any puny "organization" or attempt to pigeonhole it. This is organic and genuinely a people's movement. I have to say, I have not experienced anything like this for a very long time. For some young people, it is the first time they have SEEN real participatory democracy, and you can tell that it makes them dizzy with happiness: So, THIS is that "free speech" thing we've been hearing about.

Today in Spartanburg, another diverse group of all ages and races, from children to disabled veterans holding pro-health care signs... as well as Christians holding signs about Jesus driving the money-changers out of the temple (a very nice suggestion about what we might do to the Wall Street Greedheads). And one of the demonstrators listened to my RADIO SHOW! (squeals) I have a FAN!

Hope you are all occupying your home towns... and if you can't, drive by your local occupiers and honk and give them a thumbs-up; dozens of cars did. By nightfall, will likely be hundreds.

As I said, this is the upstate! This is Jim DeMint country and the people are giving us thumbs-up! Holy shit, folks, this is SERIOUS!

Phabulous photos below. Stay tuned, sports fans.



sheila said...

You all look awesome in your occupation! :o)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The rebuild Spartenburg sign!

This occupy movement may just be the thing we've all been hoping for. Waiting for. Wishing for.

D. said...


Ann O'Dyne said...

Power to the people. right on.

peace and love from Down Under.

mikeb302000 said...

That picture makes you look wonderful.

JoJo said...

No you don't look fat you look great!

Gregg Jocoy said...

Why do you keep accusing me of taking photos that make you look fat?

Millicent said...

For my part one and all ought to look at it.