Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Columbia: Day 15

As I said yesterday, I was very impressed with the Occupy Columbia encampment, which made me sad we have no ongoing Occupation-campsite in Greenville. And as I was grumbling about this state of affairs (NOTE: I really need to learn to stop being so LOUD), I was interviewed by WLXT-TV in Columbia. I shared the fact that working folks can easily come and go when there is a "base camp"--and someone is always on the scene. As noted previously, they had food, water, information, and signs at the ready--as well as places to sit and rest. I was impressed. The racial diversity of the group is a testament to how a long-term encampment can successfully attract a varied group; I also loved the fact that there were young and old people represented, along with dogs, babies, children and curious onlookers.

Unfortunately, I find it rather difficult to make heads or tails of the WLXT website, but I don't think the interviews (and there were several, not just mine) were posted last night. Which is just as well, since I went off on one of my anti-Governor-Haley rants. When informed by my well-mannered interviewer that some people find the Occupation of the State House lawn "alarming"--I went off on a tear, reminding possible phantom-viewers that we paid for it, and therefore, it's ours. Further, if Nikki Haley can invite her mega-rich 1%-friends to stay at the cozy, expensive, taxpayer-funded Governor's mansion on our dime, while they are running for president (and presumably have their own campaign contributions set aside for food and lodging), a few people sleeping outside is NOTHING in comparison.

Let's see the Cost/Benefit Analysis for both, okay?

And maybe that was why I didn't end up on Columbia's CBS affiliate ;) Oh well.

Keep up the good work, Columbia! You are beautiful! I said "I love you!" as I left, and a buncha people chorused, We love you too! right back, as if they were accustomed to hearing it.

They are, and they should be.

Photos of the South Carolina Statehouse encampment and picket below. Yes, that's me (last photo) with the Octopi!

Octopi today!



D. said...


Ann O'Dyne said...

every single day in news from AUS USA or the UK, there is some CEO getting a zillion-dollar payout
so I cannot understand how 'authorities' in all those countries, can be 'against' these logical protests.
I do think that if thousands of people had taken to the streets back in 1939 waving placards saying 'We Must Stop The NAZI Party' the attitude would have been the same as now ie "arrest them".
I despair.
Bravo to all the Occupiers.

JeanneLeone said...

People are alarmed at the encampment on the statehouse grounds? Are those the same ones who are alarmed at the number of kids who are going to bed hungry? Or, the ones who can't buy their medicine this month? ...

JoJo said...

You know, I used to think that you should move back to the Bay Area, that you'd be happier there with all of the other like-minded people but I've since changed my mind. South Carolina NEEDS you. Good job and keep speaking your mind. Too bad the TV station was too chicken to air what you said. said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a moron.