Saturday, April 9, 2011

Government shutdown averted

Comic comes courtesy of Yellowdog Grannie.

And so the government shutdown was averted at the last minute. I remember the last one (in 1995) quite well, as we had made plans to hike Kennesaw Mountain, which is a federal monument. My father-in-law, who believed Newt Gingrich (his horrible congressman) was trying to ruin his life, was convinced that the park would probably be closed when we got there and all our careful plans would come to naught. The shutdown was lifted right before our planned weekend, and the mountain was filled with delayed-hikers.

I was working at the local community college, and I recall employees asking if the school (which received ample federal funds) would eventually be shut down. I remember our supervisor getting some time-line from somewhere, and reading it aloud to us: this is how long the federal government would have to be shut down before the college would need to close. I can't remember the exact length of time; but it was not immediate. However, it was an eventuality. Employees joked that they had wanted the day off; others worried lay-offs would ensue. And they did.

I hadn't been there long and knew my number would be up soon, so I switched jobs within the year. This was shockingly easy in retrospect; I took the Clinton-economy for granted, as we all did. I switched (and added) jobs with near-abandon in the 90s.

And what will happen now? The infrastructure of this country is falling apart as it is. What "budget cuts" are so important? Oh, right, abortion. Always, abortion abortion abortion... fetuses uber alles, as existing American children starve. Yo, prolifers, there are plenty of homeless, sick children to feed and adopt. At least Tea Party crackpot Michele Bachmann can truthfully claim she has put her money where her mouth is, and has provided for 23 foster children in her lifetime. Impressive. So, let's see a similar record from the rest of them!

Ha! I think we'll be waiting a while on that one.

Your opinions of this continuing Ayn Randian soap opera?


risa said...

We have chickens (not my idea, ok? I like ducks a little better). Chickens are the ultimate Ayn Randians. They pick someone to be the bottom chicken on the social ladder, and tell her to go away and die. Very often the chosen bottom chicken does in fact go away and die; "henpecked" can result in a bloody head, blindness, paralysis, starvation, and death. It's a shorter life expectancy, and that can tell you a lot about what it's like to have the wron skin color, or life partner, or inexplicable disease, or just poverty. This is Ayn Randian social Darwinism at its finest. I tend to think, rightly or wrongly, civilization is how we shield ourselves from having to have a "bottom chicken" so that everyone's potentialiality (some contribute just by being there to be loved) is respected. But it seems we are still at the chicken level here. Y'all be thinking about replacing some congresscreeps soon, 'kay?

Kennesaw was the scene of some horible fighting in a war. I grew up near there, and used to roam around at Cheatham's Hill. It was trench warfare, and the concentrated firing from the Confederates against the Union advance set the woods on fire. Disabled men began to scream as the flames reached them; the Southerners put up a white flag and said, "come and get your wounded; we won't fire a shot until you do." Soldiers came out of the trenches from both sides to retrieve them; then after the fire passed, the battle resumed.

That's a strange and sad story; people killing each other, then saving each other, then killing each other. But even in that tale I find more humanity than I do in these Kochified "tea party" representatives. Let's show some backbone here and get civilized for once. 'K?

JoJo said...

My opinion? "Ugh".

senchi said...

IMHO: grrrrrr...

Jim said...

Ths mess is converting a lot of military people into democrast. My kid is in the Navy at Whidbey Island. I asked him over the weekend if people were following this beyond worrying about their pay. indeed they are, and they are clear on who they blame.

This is like the sign a protester in Wisconsin held up: "Walker converted me; I'm a Democrat now."

chandra said...

OK that makes a lot of sense to me dude
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