Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

... and my favorite movie Mardi Gras comes courtesy of Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Toni Basil and Karen Black... who I guess really did take acid at the Mardi Gras and decide to put it all in the movie.

Hey, why not?

Note: Peter (and Jane) Fonda's mother committed suicide when they were young, and that appears to be what he is talking about, whilst sitting in the lap of the Blessed Mother statue: "Why did you leave like that?" (approx 4:47 to the end of the segment.) Although you don't need to know that to enjoy the movie, it suddenly becomes a very intense scene if you do know. (Karen Black seems to be having the worst trip of the four of them, and several of her remarks are fairly harrowing, as well.)

My favorite movie acid trip! Probably because it's genuine, and I think you can easily differentiate this one from all the fakers.

Don't eat too much King Cake! We will be discussing penance and Ash Wednesday tomorrow, but today, you can indulge.

Warning, nudity, possibly NSFW.

Mardi Gras - Easy Rider (1969)


JoJo said...

Let the Good Times Roll!! Happy Fat Tuesday! I wish i had ordered a King Cake but on the other hand, I'd devour the entire thing inside of 2 days so it's best not to tempt me with such deliciousness. lol

Never been to Nawlins but it'd be fun to do someday. Closest I came to observing Mardi Gras was Feb. 1990 at the Oakland Coliseum w/ the Dead.

Marion said...

Wow, 1969 seems like such a long time ago! And yet, that clip brought back sooo many memories that feel like they just happened yesterday. I loved that movie...thanks, Daisy...have a great, happy day!

catsynth said...

Wow, what a contrast to the previous article on Nikki Haley :)

I was in NOLA in late 2006, very different place and time.

Jared said...

Eesh. I watched the Dvd the other day and checked out "the makings of". The actors aren't actually on acid during that scene. However, the night before one of the female actors complained to someone (the director or producer I think) that she couldn't sleep, so he gave her a sleeping tablet. Except that it was actually acid. The other woman copied down what she said that night and they put them in the movie.

On another lighter note, the bit where Peter Fonda says "Shut up" for no apparent reason during the statue bit? He's talking to the crew who won't stop arguing about how to shoot the scene.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jared, Dennis Hopper's repeated "just shut up and take it" reminds me of any number of hippie dudes I knew, at least a half dozen said the same thing to me.

And as for "the night before"--they call that tripping. It lasts up to 12 hrs and the reverberations in old acid (Owsley and other brands from this time period, I'm sure they settled for nothing but the best available) could last up to a day afterwards. Believe me, I know! :P

So, in short, they WERE tripping. The "director and producer" would be Dennis Hopper, once again having some FUN! Also, if you zoom in, Peter's eyes are madly dilated.

I realize the need for spin in our anti-drug times, also I realize that people's kids are alarmed and we all try to play down our activities now (waves at my daughter, who is likely reading this) --but let's not kid ourselves. :)

Jared said...

Heh, another thing from the makings of, was that any time you see anyone smoking pot, they're smoking pot. Fonda mentioned that one of the only times the drugs they take are not really being taken is when he tests the coccaine at the beggining. Apparently snorting powdered sugar hurts like hell ;)

Seriously, the whole thing was interviews with the actors and other meembers of cast, I found it as good as the movie itself.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jared, you've made me wanna watch the extras, now. :) I read an old interview w/Terry Southern who said everyone was totally baked throughout. And BTW, did you know Phil Spector sent a movie still of himself snorting coke at the beginning of the movie as his holiday card that year? It said "A little snow"... seriously.