Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haley the Comet

Nikki Haley photo is from the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. (Too bad she won't talk to any press in the state where she is actually the GOVERNOR, huh?)


The New York Times magazine has just named our governor Nikki Haley, "The Comet"--now is that cute or what?

The State newspaper in Columbia writes:

Haley, South Carolina’s Republican governor of one month and a GOP rising star, is the interview subject in today’s New York Times Magazine. (Last week, ABC’s “This Week.” This week, the NYT. Who knows, maybe after she runs out of national mainstream media, which she loves to rip, the governor might speak to the S.C. press that serves her constituents.)
I guess me and Michael Ulmer aren't the only people who have noticed that.

Since everyone is so bedazzled by her on a national scale, maybe she will do a Palin... serve a scant couple of years and GO AWAY. Certainly, I wouldn't argue.

Here is the NYT-mag softball-interview. My favorite quotes:

NYT: You’re said to be incredibly competitive. Outside politics, how does this manifest itself?

Haley: Ask my kids. When we have basketball tournaments, I am the basketball queen. When we play the Wii, I am the bowling queen. And I will forever say that I am the Putt-Putt queen.

NYT: How do you react when you lose?

Haley: I don’t lose, so I don’t have to worry about that.

Them big-city slickers can hardly contain themselves, people. ((rolls eyes)))


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Maybe she will get back in touch with her Sikh heritage, take up gatka and have an accident where she chops her head off with one of the swords.

In the mean time, I am hoping that an illustrated version of the Kama Sutra featuring her demonstrating all the positions.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I found this whilst looking up KAma Sutra and Sikhism:

Sikhism does not define the time at which the soul enters a human foetus and so there is no official position on abortion. Even if the time was defined, it would be a personal decision and as with any important decision in our lives, we should use compassion and intelligence.

Does Nimrata use her compassion and intelligence?

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Isn't Nimrata in this video?
I could swear she's one of the dancers.

Now, you've got me blogging on this!

Act like a proper Desi, Nimrata!

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