Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

The most beautiful woman in the history of the world (and the subject of Daisy's major lifelong celebrity crush!) has passed on... I simply can't talk about it. :(

Below, some of my favorite photos of Elizabeth, from an older post.

Old Hollywood is officially over. Goodbye, dearest Elizabeth.

PS: You know you're getting old when your icons start dropping like flies...



JoJo said...

Yep....another cultural icon gone. Just wait till all the musicians we love start dying. Now it's been one or two here, one or two there, but in the next 10 years it's going to be way worse.

wriggles said...

Stunning naughty and humane, what a mi(n)x.

And although it may seem a bit hackneyed to say it, an underrated screen actor.


I didn't know how much her death effected me till I was telling my granddaughter that Elizabeth Taylor Died and then I burst into tears..

Marion said...

She was a fascinating woman. I remember growing up reading those screen magazines and always wanting more news of Elizabeth Taylor, who was usually up to something. Her death hit me harder than I thought it would...the end of an era. There are few that can match her talents.