Monday, August 30, 2010

Why is the Tea Party against gay marriage?

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Why does the Tea Party Movement, those self-styled Champions of Freedom, oppose the freedom of two people of whatever gender getting married?

Why should the government dictate who gets married? Isn't this against the whole Tea Party idea of limited government?

Actually, it seems the Tea Party is confused. They want limited government, except when women and gays are involved. (i.e. abortion and gay marriage) They want the government to control the womb and the bedroom.

So, the "limited government" mantra is an outright lie. They actually want to expand government by making church law into secular law, as in the gay marriage example. [1]

At base, gay marriage (as some gay radicals like to tell us) is a fundamentally conservative desire; a wholesome, domestic desire to conform and assimilate. A desire to take one's place in the suburbs alongside the BBQ grill, white picket fence and SUV, with the regulation two kids and a dog. (Other radicals, while somewhat acknowledging the point, regard "assimilation" as a non-issue.) Isn't a "tamed" gay community a more non-threatening one, as far as the suburbanite Republicans are concerned? (And if not, why not?)

Glenn Greenwald caught Charles Krauthammer in a huge Tea-Partier fib in a recent column, in which he claimed that the majority of the USA is against gay marriage.

No, that isn't true, and Glenn has the stats to prove it:

A new CNN poll has found that most Americans think gays and lesbians should have a constitutional right to get married. . . . As polling-statistics blogger Nate Silver points out, the margin of error [as well as the poll's status as the first to find majority approval] means we can't assume that a majority of Americans support gay marriage, but it is "no longer safe to say that opposition to same-sex marriage is the majority position.
And even among Krauthammer's own GOP droogs (I know, he claims he is "Independent"--and does anybody really believe that?), the issue is rather volatile, with younger Republicans breaking ranks in record numbers (according to the Washington Post):
A growing number of Republicans are breaking with the party's traditional stance to publicly state their support for same-sex marriage, a shift strategists say stems as much from demographics as from the renewed focus on economics and the "tea party" movement.

A solid majority of adults younger than 30 - about six in 10 - support the right of gay and lesbian couples to legally wed, according to a Washington Post poll in February.
And hey, ain't simply the youngsters! Check it out:
A number of prominent Republicans have been more outspoken, stating that they support same-sex marriage rights. They include Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (Ariz.); "The View" commentator Elizabeth Hasselbeck; former first lady Laura Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney.

Ted Olson, solicitor general under Bush, was part of the legal team that successfully challenged Proposition 8, California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. And this week, former Republican operative Ken Mehlman disclosed that he is gay and that he will be raising money to support Olson's effort.

Also at play is the rise of the libertarian-leaning tea party movement. Many of the movement's leaders have said they oppose government intervention on marriage issues, while others say their concerns about taxation and the size of government supercede concerns over social issues.[2]
(I think the smarter Republicans also want some of that gay Hollywood money, whatcha think?)

This is a wedge issue, and we need to hit it as hard as we can: Are you in favor of equal rights for everyone? Then, you are in favor of gay marriage, period. If you oppose it, you discriminate. The End. No discussion. Dress it up however you want, but that is the bottom line.

And, dear Tea Partiers, when you say these hypocritical things, we will slice and dice you: You are a bigot and a discriminator. Period. Whatever else you say will be viewed in this light, as a hateful bigot not to be trusted.

Either get with the Ted Olsons and honor the legacy of the Republican Party, Abe Lincoln, et. al. --or get out of the way and declare yourselves a THIRD PARTY.

And I am brave enough to belong to a Third Party, so how about you be brave enough to break away, too?

At every juncture, at every opportunity, we must call them bigoted haters. I mean, on this issue, they have proven this is exactly what they are.


[1] As the secularists never tire of reminding us: We could also limit government by taxing the churches and keeping religion (like, any religious opposition to abortion and gay marriage) OUT of government in all respects. Think of the money generated by taxing churches and church property, including any schools openly generating profits(yes, Notre Dame, I'm lookin at you.) (NOTE: I would NOT approve of taxing day-care centers, thrift stores, hospices, soup kitchens, refugee resettlement services, or other bona fide charitable operations under the church umbrella. This would force the rich people looking for tax deductions to give directly to these organizations, not to the endless CAPITAL CAMPAIGN or BUILDING FUND, to build even bigger, better, prettier churches.)

[2] Proud of McCain, Hasselbeck, etc. Let's see some more ideological defections from gutsy, popular Republicans!


Sevesteen said...

As a libertarian, the Tea Party is a closer match to my views than either of the statist major parties.

Gay marriage should be recognized in the same way that straight marriage is. I might prefer eliminating most state recognition of any marriage, but there is no good reason for enforcing a difference between gay and straight.

It would not surprise me at all to find that the percentage of homophobes in the tea party is higher than the general population. I have not seen any evidence that the Tea Party itself has suppression of gay rights as a part of their platform. Taken far enough, "smaller government" makes these beliefs as irrelevant politically as a favorite sports team--there may be passion, but it isn't a proper function of government to be involved.

Ann ODyne said...

you may not have noticed that down here in Australia
we have just had a national election and
after 10 days the counting is a dead-heat between the 2 dominant parties, neither of which have been able to claim the Majority required to Form A Government.
What they BOTH did wrong was to deny the legalising of same-sex marriage partnerships.
They are both so very regretful right now, let me tell you that for free.

JoJo said...

BRAVO!!! Well said Daisy!!!! Even my 83 year old mom is OK w/ gay marriage!!! She thought it was sweet that I went down to SF for Donnie & Mike's, and she had no problem telling her friends about it either.

As one who works in family law, I can tell you that the biggest threats to the 'traditional marriage' are: The war in Iraq (we rep. lots of soldiers or their spouses), internet porn & extramarital affairs.

Brian said that the Tea Party are just Republicans who don't like a black man in the White House. I thought that was an interesting take.

Daisy Deadhead said...

In the Chapel Bells are Ringing (Roger Ebert on gay marriage)

Jojo, Ebert makes the identical comment about his mother, in this piece! Well worth reading.

white rabbit said...

JoJo = I would have thought that money caused more problems in marriages than sex(extracurricular sex, I mean). I know the family lawyers say otherwise but I find it hard to believe.

As for gay marriage - you have a lot of very weird 'libertarians' over there. It may horrify them to know that when I was a young man 'libertarian' was the word that came in front of 'socialism'. A kind of soft anarchist and definitely not Leninist strand of thought. Rather a good idea, actually :D

Jim said...

"Actually, it seems the Tea Party is confused. "

That implies they are making some attempt to be ratiional about this. They aren't - they just have this big wish list like a kid a month before Christmas and it doesn't matter how much any of it conflicts, as long as it feels good.

They are lying about wanting small government; what they want is government that runs and fetches for them instead of all us other wicked people.

It's a politics of resentment, and actual libertarians, see above, are beginning to see through it, because they know they are next in the crosshairs.

Doc Anchovy said...

Um...Because they're REALLY weird people?

My Mommy is really nice, unless we're talking politics, makes great food and still loves all the Disney movies she took me to see, as a nipper in San Francisco.

I'm straight and really don't "get" what all the fuss is about regarding whom marries whom. Hopefully, it's somebody you love.

"Wouldn't you love somebody to love? You better find somebody to love."

Sevesteen said...

I do not think I was all that clear in my first post--while bigots may be attracted to the tea party, most tea party members are not bigots.

A tea party supporting blogger that I read posted a link to bigots at southern style granite--apparently two men were asked if they were a gay couple, then told by an owner "we do not service your kind". Several other tea party supporting bloggers that I read have also posted links expressing their disapproval, and are attempting to make sure that people searching the Internet for Southern Style Granite are aware of this. (reminds me, I need to do my own blog post,,,and would appreciate anyone else who cares to do one)

What confuses some is that many of the same people trying to make sure that the bigotry has consequences do not believe that the consequences should come from the government.

White Rabbit: According to the definitions I'm used to, libertarian socialist makes less sense than military intelligence or jumbo shrimp.

Unknown said...

Great post Daisy!
Missed ya!

D. said...

Indeed! Indeed!

D. said...
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The same reason why the Artful Dodger yelled, "Stop Theif!"

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