Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wish they'd stop saying that...

General Announcement!

The Who without Keith Moon and John Entwhistle are not The Who. Thus, THE WHO are not playing the Super Bowl. HALF of The Who are playing the Super Bowl.

Just wanted to clear that up.

And now, some music with (among others) the REAL Who.


I have played this video before on DEAD AIR, but love it so much it gets a rerun. All that mods-on-speed dancing! Great cultural artifact, enjoy!

Keith looks about 14... in fact, by my estimation, he was only 18 or 19.

I Can't Explain - The Who (circa 1965)


Dirty Work - Steely Dan (1972)


Earworm time! This has been IN MY HEAD FOR TWO SOLID WEEKS! And then I always think of Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (three hanky alert for that clip, for those of you prone to sobbing in the middle of the day!)...

Check out Bryan's early-80s hair, very nice! Most guys who sat and watched themselves in a video-within-a-video? I'd make a nasty crack about narcissism... but this is Bryan Ferry, and as this song makes clear, he has earned the right to do whatever he wants.

More Than This - Roxy Music (1982)


More Than This - Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003)


JoJo said...

Brian and I have been saying the same thing about those nonstop promos that "The Who" is playing the Superbowl. We say, 'no, it's Roger & Pete'.

YogaforCynics said...

Gotta say, the 3/4 Who I saw in 1992 certainly helped to ease my teenaged pain. Nonetheless, there's never been anything like the creative interplay between Townshend and Moon, so that, really, after the Who By Numbers, they should've hung it up (on Who Are You, Pete was dispirited and Moon was so far gone they actually had to bring in a session drummer on at least one track)...and actually, it's pretty clear that Pete himself thought so deep down, since he started saving his best material for his solo albums (particularly All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, which has at least three songs--"The Sea Refuses No River," "Somebody Saved Me," and "Slit Skirts" that blow away anything the post-Moon who recorded).

Mista Jaycee said...

I totally agree with your take on the Who. Kenny Jones didn't do it for me. It sux that they are playing the super bowl as well. Since the Janet Jackson boob popped out the half time shows have been "safe"
PS I started a Yoga blog called Stretchin ouuuuut! Inspired by Bootsy's Rubber Band.

white rabbit said...

More agreement as regards the Who here - It's not them - it's a couple of people who used to be in The Who playing together. Mind you, is Zak Starkey on drums? He's been backing them for so long he just about qualifies and that would make 3. So if there are 3 playing does that...

How many angels can dance on the ehad of a pin?


white rabbit said...

head not ehad :D

always edit!

wv: ousnoutt

JoJo said...

Can you believe that the city of Miami is sending out a flyer letting people know that 'sex offender' Pete Townshend will be in town and keep an eye on your kids??? RIDICULOUS!

D. said...

Jojo: Seriously. I have a vague recollection of the case; he claimed research, and the court went Research! Ha-ha! Pull the other! As nothing of that sort has been heard since, unless it was brought up around the time of the Kennedy Center honors, Miami's children are probably safer with Townsend than they'd be with what'sisname Foley.

Skinner of Compoundia said...

I couldn't find it via a quick google search, but I'm sure I remember reading an article around the time of the election in which, at some pro-Obama benefit, Townshend basically said flat out that he felt like he was playing in a Who tribute band, and that they hadn't really been a real band since "It's Hard". Eminence Front is a weird song to call your 'last'. Anyhow, Great selections as always, Ms. Daisy.

Blue Heron said...

I dissent. I would gladly hear Townshend at any opportunity, no matter what he calls his assemblage. I dig Daltrey on the Telecaster and mostly like the later Who stuff. Moon was a whirlwind, but according to pro musician friends of mine he didn't necessarily keep the greatest time. Heresy.

Doc Anchovy said...

I loved Bill Murray singing karaoke to More Than This.

Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

eh, half a who is better than no who at all, in my book. As for "safe"? I thought maybe having a group that only appealed to Boomers might start a riot!

Heresy, here, I expect, but I actually enjoyed it when it wasn't making me feel older than Croesus.