Wednesday, January 13, 2010

General notice

In Feminist Blogdonia, the melodrama over Mary Daly's death has been fairly extreme.

Although many of the drama-majors have very good points, many have also been intentionally mean, vicious, childish, self-centered, solipsistic and politically backward. I'd link, but won't give them the satisfaction.

Suffice to say, I have done a huge reevaluation of my involvement on some of these blogs, and probably will not personally participate on these blogs in the future except to read and generally keep up.

There is no reason, I repeat, no reason to randomly attack people on blogs. If you were bullied as a kid or young person, that is still no excuse to act that same bullying and viciousness out on others. If you are a malcontent, I feel for you, but don't expect me to have respect for sheer emotion divorced from all true political action. Show me the creds. What have you done? If you can't point to something IN REAL LIFE that you have managed to do (the net is safe and anonymous, one reason why you feel free to behave like an asshole), yet you fulminate constantly about your supposed "oppression"* blah blah blah, I do not take you seriously as a political activist. I am laughing at you as a dilettante and fraud. Got it?

Yes, you know who you are.


*addressed to anyone not on Facebook, that I can't actually verify exists in real life in the form they present themselves on the net (proof that people IRL actually KNOW THEM). I am beginning to believe that several of these troublemakers are total made-up fakes, since there is no real-life record of their existence. If they bellyache that it's too daaaaaangerous for them, try a pseudonym, as many (including me) have done. I want proof you EXIST.

No proof, then as far as I am concerned, you don't.


JoJo said...

When you say, 'what have you done', do you mean what has the blog troll done in real life in terms of real political activism? Just curious.

I think there are people who just like to post outrageous comments on blogs just to stir shit up. Brian is a regular poster on The Drudge Retort and said it's full of posers and shit stirrers. I even see it on the fan blogs for Vincent D'Onofrio. There's one guy who keeps attacking us for being, 'fat middle aged housewives in love with a fat middle aged actor.' lol

DaisyDeadhead said...

Exactly. I think a lot of these pseudotrolls just want to stir shit over political issues they CLAIM to believe in. So, I am asking, how do I know you are serious and not just bloviating to get a reaction and hurt people? Any empty-headed asshole can engage in random insults, but what have they actually done in real life about the things they supposedly CARE so passionately about? If they can't name anything, I am unconvinced of their reality.

I don't need people telling me that I am not as politically right on as they are, when they could well be precocious 15 year old teenyboppers simply out for a good time.

Christ, trolls on Vincent D'Onofrio blogs? You gotta be kidding. (Aside: I wish he would do more comedy like in Feeling Minnesota--he was funny!)

Joan Kelly said...

er, I know we have different reactions to the Daly thing - yours actually comes from having read her work and also how that intersected with your relationship to Catholicism, mine more from *my* relationship to Catholicism and my immature temper about the way I felt some misogyny was playing out on this topic elsewhere.

Point being, I don't know if I'm one of the people you're referring to in this post, and it's okay if I am. I mean I don't set out to upset people I respect, but it's true that sometimes the way I handle my own opinions are snarky rather than strictly justice-minded, and for that and other reasons I will sometimes not be on the same page as people I like and/or respect.

I did want to say - I see it the same way and see it differently in *some* cases, wrt anonymity of bloggers. Sometimes, yes, it very much seems like there's just a hot air bag somewhere that somebody attached a wind-operated keyboard to, and when wild claims are never ever substantiated, one gets suspicious.

There are also people who *have* had "real life" contact with anonymous bloggers who, for safety-of-the-anonymous, aren't in a position to trot out their testimonies.

Neither you or I are actually anonymous online. I just do know and care about a couple of people who have been attacked (elsewhere, by others, for not necessarily even honest reasons) for being anonymous as possible. Sorry if bringing that into it feels like addressing something you weren't implying? Sometimes I can't tell with stuff and so I blurt out my reaction regardless.

DaisyDeadhead said...

No, Joan, you aren't. I am talking about the people who jumped ME the other day out of fucking nowhere. I can send you the link if you like.

But you WROTE A BOOK, girlfriend... I think we can safely bet that you're real, even if you won't friend me on Facebook, she whined (joking). But that is my point: If anyone wants to spend 5 seconds investigating my FB account, my work location and every other damn thing is pretty obvious.

"Come and git me!"--Snuffy Smith (comic book character)

I am very much doubting some of these really vicious people are real. If they were, they'd be a little more reticent and not as quick to go on the attack.

It's easy to attack people when you will just disappear in a few months anyway, you know?

Joan Kelly said...

"even if you won't friend me on Facebook, she whined (joking)."

wait, what?, how come I suck so bad at Facebook that I don't realize I'm not friending people who I like! Help, I tell you.

I felt like it was kind of goofy for me to post my comment - like a fishing for a "no no, you're great" type of response, but I didn't see a way around chancing that impression whilst still asking at all. And it did matter to me. I feel like I don't know if that gets lost sometimes in the things I say - that even if I disagree with someone and they, me, if in that disagreement they feel aggrieved (spelling?) towards me, that would matter to me. Even if I can't guarantee that it'lll never happen, because of how I am and because of the nature of humanity, blah blah.

I guess it's that I can handle disagreements and even irritation or anger with each other, but it would bum me out if someone thought I didn't care about them just because we're seeing things different or pissed off. Ah well.

Thanks for your reply!

And I have a fair guess actually what/who you're talking about, incidentally.

I know that there are people where I've thought "okay clearly this is an obnoxious theater grad student who's doing a performance art piece at our expense, seeing just how far they can push people with outrageous claims and attacks under the name of fighting an oppression before anybody's like, 'WHOA NELLY WITH THAT BULLSHIT' back at them, and/or they're a sociopath who's discovered the internet in a specifically antagonistic way." Or something. Where *my* anger issues come in is when I see people who I know are actual people and reasonable people falling for it.

queen emily said...

words fail

John Powers said...

Way to obvious and probably off topic too, I just thought I'd point out in every "conversation" I've seen Daisy involved, disagreement isn't a problem. Part of what is so fun is watching how areas of agreement and disagreement are engaged and understanding increases. I don't know the threads your speaking about, but I do know you play hard, but play fair, Daisy.

La Lubu said...

Daisy....Hugo's got something up at his site on Marian devotion that you just have to see.

DaisyDeadhead said...

La Lubu, I commented, thanks. Yeesh!

QE, I know for sure you are real too! You are getting MARRIED for Chrissakes. (I think a Mardi Gras- themed wedding sounds awesome.)

John, thank you very much for being so sweet and supportive.

sheila said...

Isn't the whole entire purpose of blogging to express your self and opinions? Hmmmmm. I'd say you do a wonderful job of that.

Then again, I happen to agree with you most of the time. lol