Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I feel like I owe it to someone

This one goes out to Nicole.... don't cut it!

(And that goes for all the rest of you too, of course.)


Almost Cut my Hair - David Crosby (live acoustic 1991)


Marion said...

So funny...I was considering cutting my hair. It's way long past my shoulders. But everytime I suggest a little cut to my hairdresser, she goes on a rant about older women and long hair and how tired she is of people telling her older women should have short hair. So far, I back off each and every time and come away with the tiniest trim. Oh well...

white rabbit said...

'Oh, I tell you baby this increases my paranoia
Yeah, like looking in my mirror and seeing a po-lice car'

Immortal lines.

I keep mine relatively short these days. But still longer than most men (trying not to boast that I still have a full head of hair to grow) - old habits die hard.

The worst thing is when polic e look at me these days I can sense them thinking 'middle aged - looks respectable - pass!'

Ah well...

D. said...

My freak flag these days is shorter hair, but then the "hair issues" I am supposed to have involve length, coloring, and alteration of texture, and frankly, I can't be bothered.

Marion, when people tell her older women should have shorter hair, your hairdresser needs to say "The customers like their hair long, as do their SOs. Which [the speaker] ain't."

thene said...

So glad you introduced me to this song! On a purely personal level I'm still so-so about the idea of the 'freak flag' as my long hair is a legacy of growing up amid patriarchy (as in the real, heavily religious father-rules kind). But I just can't get rid of it now!