Friday, November 6, 2009

Woman halts Fort Hood bloodbath

At left: Police Officer Kimberly Munley (Twitter photo)

Perfect feminist post title, wouldn't you say?

Although the news out of Fort Hood is generally horrific, feminists everywhere can rejoice that A WOMAN stopped the killing.

From CNN:

Fort Hood, Texas (CNN) -- The police officer who ended the Fort Hood massacre by shooting the suspect was known as the enforcer on her street, a "tough woman" who patrolled her neighborhood and once stopped burglars at her house.

"If you come in, I'm going to shoot," Kimberly Munley told the would-be intruders last year.

It was Munley who arrived quickly Thursday at the scene of the worst massacre at an Army base in U.S. history, where 13 people were killed. She confronted the alleged gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, and shot him four times. Munley was wounded in the exchange.

That's just like her, friends and family say.

"I just felt more protected knowing she was on my street," neighbor Erin Houston said.

Munley, the mother of a 3-year-old girl, lives on a street where a lot of homes are vacant because so many residents are deployed at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We sleep a lot safer knowing she's on the block," said Sgt. William Barbrow, another neighbor.

When Bryan Munley heard that his sister-in-law thwarted the alleged gunman in a shootout, he wasn't surprised.

"There's nothing that stands in her way. It completely makes sense that she did what she did," he said from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. "It was amazing. Without her, there would have been a lot more people killed."

He added, "She is definitely a tough woman."

Munley, 34, is being treated for her wounds. Her father, former Carolina Beach, North Carolina, Mayor Dennis Barbour, said his daughter is doing well.

"Her efforts were superb," said Col. Steven Braverman, the base hospital commander.

Lt. Gen. Bob Cone, Fort Hood's commanding general, described Munley as a "trained, active first responder" who acted quickly after she "just happened to encounter the gunman."

"Really a pretty amazing and aggressive performance by this police officer," he said.

Cone said Munley and her partner responded "very quickly" to the scene -- reportedly in about three minutes.

On social networking sites, she was lauded for her actions. One Facebook fan page was called "Sgt. Kimberly Munley: A Real American Hero" and had more than 1,400 members.

"My prayers for a fast recovery as well as my sincere thanks of an outstanding job," one person wrote. One woman added, "U got some brass balls, girl ... u r my hero!!!!"

Authorities say Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, opened fire at a military processing center at Fort Hood on Thursday, killing 13 and wounding 30 others.

Cone was asked on CNN's "American Morning" whether Munley's shots brought down the assailant and stopped him from shooting.

"That's correct," Cone said. "The critical factor here was her quick response to the situation."

Bryan Munley said Munley is married to his brother, Staff Sgt. Matthew Munley. He said Matthew was in Downingtown, outside Philadelphia, visiting his family when the shootings happened. The couple, married since 2006, have a 3-year-old daughter named Jayden.

Bryan Munley said Matthew had recently been transferred to Fort Bragg in North Carolina and has done two tours in Iraq. Kimberly was trying to find a job in North Carolina and was hoping to move there soon, Matthew said.

Matthew was at Fort Bragg on Friday, trying to get a flight to Texas to see his wife.

A page on Twitter lists the name "Kim Munley" of Killeen, Texas, near Ford Hood. It has a photo of a female police officer with the name "Kim Munley" on her uniform.

Its bio blurb has particular resonance in the aftermath of the incident.

"I live a good life....a hard one, but I go to sleep peacefully @ night knowing that I may have made a difference in someone's life."
Ohhh, you sure have. May God Bless you for your self-sacrificing work.


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JoJo said...

Speaking of amazingly tough women, did you hear about the Seattle police officer that was executed on Halloween? He was in the patrol car w/ his trainee, Britt Sweeney, reviewing a traffic stop that she did. A car pulled up alongside, aimed and shot. She ducked but Officer Brenton was killed. She had the presence of mind to call in the incident and return fire on the fleeing car. She's been on the job 2 months & was also wounded.

CrackerLilo said...

I'm sure a lot of people are grateful for her courage and decisiveness right now. It's a very faint silver lining in a very big cloud, but this is very difficult for even the hardest-core male supremacist to ignore.

D. said...

CrackerLilo: It's what the "hardest-core male supremacist" has been trying to prevent. If women also have "courage and decisiveness," one of the props of their non-existent superiority gets knocked out. And they don't have too many anymore.

Ann oDyne said...

A woman with a gun is scarier than a man with a gun.
Bless your heart dear Kim.

I hope that now at least she gets the transfer to NC to be with her husband
who must have thought his superiors heartless to transfer him away from wife and small child after his TWO tours of duty.

Prudence said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this, I had no idea it was a female police officer who stopped this killer. She is amazing and has saved lives. Her and her husband both sound like heroes!

Thanks for "signing up" to my blog :-)

sheila said...

A nice tribute. A great person and a strong woman. How brave of her and self sacrificing. Sometimes in the worst of times, people amaze me.

mikeb302000 said...

I'm glad you wrote about this too. There hasn't been enough said about this heroic woman.

jovan b. said...

Thanks for sharing this story with us, Daisy. I gladly appreciate it.

Marion said...

Thanks for the links on this post, Daisy. Didn't she display amazing presence of mind!?! Wow!

Axe said...

Hail fellow MTH fan - Listen to Mott The Hoople from the recent London concerts on AXEFM.

Ted said...

When I read of this I just thought of the police officer as competent and brave and in the right place at the right time. I took the gender as incidental. Not sure if this makes me more or less sophisticated. My larger impression was of the outpouring of public and political angst over what would be considered a relatively minor incident in the countries the victims were headed for.

kaveman said...

"I'm glad you wrote about this too. There hasn't been enough said about this heroic woman."

Silly Daisy, don't you know that guns are bad news for women?

Just ask mikeb, he'll tell you.

Mike W. said...

In my experience women are often better shots than men.

Bravery and dedication are not gender specific, as Officer Munley demonstrated.