Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Friday notes

At left: Mr Cyril is now 7 months old!

Like everyone else in the USA, I am presently bustling, rustling, hustling... and trying to dig out from under mounds of email (as well as real-life junk mail), Mr Daisy's comics and kitty detritus, to prepare for the holiday week coming up.

How is everything with you?

I have decided to run for County Council, as I mentioned here. I figure it can't hurt. I know for sure I will get at least a dozen votes!

Visit the Greenville Greens page on Facebook! And if you are in Greenville County, vote for me! (Don't worry, I'll be reminding you at least a million times before the election.)

Transgender Day of Remembrance was yesterday. Please pay your respects.

Good reading for Friday:

Is Adoption a Feminist Issue? (AdoptionTalk)

Pharmaceutical Giant Paid $500,000 to Psychiatrist Who Used Chicago's Poor as Guinea Pigs (AlterNet)

New Study Shows Women Still Underrepresented in Leadership Roles (ACS Blog)

Regarding that last point... I repeat, vote for me!

I am gonna be a grandma again! Am I old or what?

Very happy and very pleased. :)


And now, our musical accompaniment for this post.

I was gonna use the following video for Tuesday's alcoholism post, and then decided it was too irreverent... I went with Hank Williams instead. Today, feeling a bit irreverent, which I once again blame on Frank Zappa's ghost (listened to Frank on Friday, of course!)... thus, I now freely offer this irreverent look at junkiedom.


1) Why on earth didn't they give Slash the Nobel prize for playing like that?

2) Axl appears rather fried, thus illustrating his familiarity with the subject matter.

3) I love when substances take "human" form; i.e. John Barleycorn, Mary Jane, Mr Brownstone, etc. (On a rather Calvinist note, this particular personification always reminds me of the Devil card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck, with the chains on the humans.)

This is live from 1988, a bit of nostalgia for you metal-heads.


Guns N' Roses - Mr Brownstone


sheila said...

You always make me smile Daisy!

I LOVE GNR! I just now heard November Rain. Sigh. My heart. I just have so many memories that involved GNR tunes.

CONGRATS on being a grandma again! Now how cool is that? New life is so amazing!

Good luck in your run! Hope you win! Wish I lived in your county. :(

Bryce said...

congratz 2 my d.

Doc Anchovy said...

Mr. Cyril looks like my old pal, Schtumpy. He ran off with Tina Louise or something when I used to live in The Harbor, down south.

Drake Shelton said...

I have begun a large undertaking of video lectures on a Christian Platonist Philosophy. If you or your readers would care to listen to it you can youtube: A Complete Christian Platonist Philosophy, or go to I hope you are doing well and if you would tell Miss Sue that I love her and I miss her.

JoJo said...

Axl dances like Davy Jones.

When's the election? I wish I could vote for you!

FW said...

I clicked thru and read that Alternet article about the money paid to the researcher guy and it was pretty twisted... the whole thing is framed to put the blame on this one guy who was making 50k a year and not the multi-billion dollar a year company who knew he might have been a problem.

Worse yet is that when the researcher was shown the evidence of his "quesitonable" research, he said that it didn't reflect the results that he came up with.

It's hard to believe what AstraZeneca is saying, that they were somehow held hostage by this one guy.

Mama Moretti said...


Marion said...

You're wonderful, Daisy! Many congratulations for being a grandma again...can't wait to hear all about it.

I would vote for you in a heartbeat...unfortunately I don't think a Canadian vote would help...