Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Election Day!

At left: Art on Main Street, Greenville, SC, from kids at Mitchell Road Christian Academy.

Aside: I love LARGE photos for my blog, as readers have undoubtedly figured out, and now Flickr has changed it up and I can't seem to upload them any bigger than 240px... does anybody have a clue what's going on? (sigh) This is right after the major hoopla with Blogger's label-limitation (now fixed, I think)... which I was able to find a work-around for. But not this time.

Why don't they just leave well enough alone? If it ain't broke...


Not much being voted on here in South Carolina (and too bad), but elections are being held throughout the USA. I will be working very late, and will race home to watch election returns, as you should too.

I am totally swamped with work today (here, there and everywhere), and so I've decided to offer a few perceptive links in lieu of my usual scintillating analysis:

The New York Times prognosticates on the election today:

Keep an eye on the spin. If Mr. Hoffman wins in New York, look for conservatives to argue that that the vote is a vindication of the appeal of the populist brand of conservatism pressed by leaders like Ms. Palin. But the way the race has played out in Virginia suggests otherwise. If Mr. McDonnell wins, it will be after having run a race in which he aggressively distanced himself from his history of advocating socially conservative positions. That could suggest Republicans seeking to get back in power in swing states should strike a moderate tone.
The optimal Democratic party outcome is a big win in New Jersey, as well as the 23rd Congressional district in New York. The Times believes even winning just New Jersey would likely be greeted with huzzahs for Democrats--particularly as Virginia has practically been written off.

Stay tuned, sports fans!

Civil rights, but just for me, an astute reflection on Mohatma Gandhi by Tami at Racialicious; required reading. Also, check the commentary.

Maggie Gallagher, subject of considerable fulminating at this blog, is at it again. SOMEBODY shut her up please. (I thought the Apostle Paul told women to learn silence in all submission? Why do these conservatives so publicly pick and choose their Bible verses, when they claim righteous fidelity to the whole thing? In short, SHUT UP, MAGGIE.)

Racial disparity: All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers:

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House. And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down.

Not a single white lawmaker is currently the subject of a full-scale ethics committee probe.

The ethics committee declined to respond to questions about the racial disparity, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are wary of talking about it on the record. But privately, some black members are outraged — and see in the numbers a worrisome trend in the actions of ethics watchdogs on and off Capitol Hill.

“Is there concern whether someone is trying to set up [Congressional Black Caucus] members? Yeah, there is,” a black House Democrat said. “It looks as if there is somebody out there who understands what the rules [are] and sends names to the ethics committee with the goal of going after the [CBC].”

African-American politicians have long complained that they’re treated unfairly when ethical issues arise.
Read it all and be aware.

Alter-Net asks the pertinent question Will a Racial Divide Swallow Obama?:

On October 29, Gallup reported responses to the question: "Do you think that relations between blacks and whites will always be a problem for the United States or that a solution will eventually be worked out?" Responses reflected patterns similar to 1963, with 40% of Americans expecting race always to be a problem. And though black Americans had become more optimistic a year ago, they are now significantly more pessimistic about race in America.

These Gallup findings mirror decades of public opinion research showing that African Americans and whites differ dramatically on their perception of the existence of discrimination, and in their assessment of the potential for realizing a racially fair society. These differing perceptions of racial discrimination translate into enormous gaps in support for public policies. These gaps have effectively stymied effective coalitions for progressive policies for decades.
Read it all. Among interesting info, I had no idea African-American approval ratings for Bill Clinton were SO high...

Emma Ruby-Sachs writes at HuffPo about Obama and LGBT Rights: A Year Since Election Day.

UK Police Spying Began With Animal Rights Activists Then Expanded to Other Groups... and where have we heard THAT modus operandi before? I'd say they've been studying the history of the 70s Left in the USA: we start with drugs, then branch out.
Environmental activists, antiwar activists, animal rights activists and many more groups have been targeted. Specifically, police have gathered personal information on thousands of activists who simply attend protests or political meetings, and created massive national databases.
Deja Vu all over again!

A lovely girlhood friendship recalled by Natalia. This made me smile today. (Ignore the troll; for some unfathomable reason, Natalia attracts them like flies to a county fair lemonade-stand.)

Your daily dose of cute, comes from Vanessa's sweet sparkly fairy princess. :)

Novenas sent to heaven for good results today... if you are in a jurisdiction voting today--VOTE VOTE VOTE! (early and often!)


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Depressing follow-up: GOP sweeps gubernatorial races; Democrat wins in New York's 23rd district