Friday, January 30, 2009

This is for Mike!

Don't wanna lose my cred as certifiably OLD SCHOOL, now do I?

In my 80s-music post on Wednesday, Mike commented that I needed to turn the clock back 10 or 15 years, so these next videos are for him!


This is like a really good movie! Great work... it was made by another young classic rock fan named Jordan Bell.

I have always imagined something remarkably similar when I hear the song. Love the hoodie-as-grim-reaper touch, where you never see the hitch-hiker's face. WELL DONE!

The Doors - Riders on the Storm (1971)


Watching the Sonic Youth video--which has already been removed "by the user"* (((curses substantially)))--I was puzzling over whether that was a quickie-shot of Joni Mitchell from LADIES OF THE CANYON, so I went looking for it. It is; the same head-shot is featured in this one.

And I was reminded of how very much I love this song. Very, very Lilith Fair, so if you don't like female-folkies, do not listen. After all, she is the prototype, my friends.

One of the first songs to pass the Bechdel test--a song about how much a woman admires and loves a certain group of other women, and wants to be like they are. (Just try to find another one this early... go ahead, I'll wait.)

I'd say she succeeded admirably, too.

Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon (1970)


Rather obscure Eagles song that I identified with in my youth. As a young woman, it was the first time I'd seen men acknowledge that some women may not enjoy constant sexual attention, and in fact, might even find it threatening, harmful, stifling and just thoroughly unwelcome. I therefore found it very validating at the time, although listening to it now, I realize it was an early sign I might have been in some trouble.

Or at the very least, I was getting pissed off:

there's too many hands
being laid on her
too many eyes will never see
that it's dragging her down
but you won't hear a sound
as she turns round

Obviously, a radical feminist in the making!

This song was written by Randy Meisner and Don Felder, sung by Meisner. Great guitar work and excellent production.

The Eagles - Too Many Hands (1975)


*We finally have a baddie to blame for this phenomenon... which I have complained about before. WARNER MUSIC GROUP, capitalist swine, are keeping us from looking at Sonic Youth, as well as several other videos I have already posted--and probably a few you've already posted too!



Mama Moretti said...

Love the movie of the Doors song!

John Powers said...

In today's paper was an obituary for John Martyn. I'm always curious about how the paper chooses whose obituaries to cover, but I was please to see that John Martyn's passing rated coverage in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I had been thinking about Martyn lately. I suspect because feeling the generational tide shift. Solid Air would make any list of my favorite albums.

mikeb302000 said...

Aaaahhh, that's more like it.

Thanks, Daisy.

sheila said...

Was that Door clip actually made in the 70's?

Doc Anchovy said...

I have always thought that "Too Many Hands" was written about an idealized America. That said, the marque of any well written song is that the listener may take away what they wish from it. As for the great guitar work...Around this time period, enter Joe Walsh, the quintessential studio player. The One Take Wonder. Of course, eventually he just "joined the band". I worked a show with The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Toots and The Maytalls in San Diego once. Last year here in Arcata, I went to go see David Lindley. He remembered the show. He ought to, he played with every band on the bill that day. When was The Doors clip made? Look at the cars in it.