Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Lots of great stuff happening... unfortunately, I'll be working this evening and will miss the local MoveOn.org party, at Connolly's. (((waves at everyone there!))) I am glad to be home to watch it as it happens, though. You can't have everything!

I think I will find the mention of his middle name HUSSEIN, during the swearing-in, the most inspiring. If you need any more proof that this country has CHANGED, obviously, you didn't grow up with presidents with boring-ass names like Johnson and Ford.

Too thrilling for mere words. The Angry Black Woman and Vanessa of Plucky Punk, are both ON THE SCENE--check out their blogs!


Below: From Boing Boing, comes Obama as Bob Marley and St Martin de Porres.

Interestingly, the folks at Boing Boing (not well-versed in Catholic iconography) thought the image on the vigil candle was supposed to be Jesus. (The photo was taken in the Mission District of San Francisco.) In fact, St Martin de Porres was a Peruvian Dominican of mixed-racial heritage, the patron saint of the poor. I just realized this meant that the folks at Boing Boing didn't fully get the reference that was being made with that candle.

Madonna fans, of course, will remember St Martin's famous appearance in her controversial 1989 video, Like a Prayer.


And finally, it's time to throw our virtual shoes at the departing Dubya! Good riddance, and thanks for screwing everything up beyond belief!

This act is in solidarity with Iraqi shoe-thrower Muntader al-Zaidi, who made world-headlines throwing his shoe at George W. Bush.

Let us also throw our shoes today, with aplomb!

If you haven't thrown yours yet, there's still time!


I had my final X-ray yesterday, and I have moved up from the leg cast/boot in this photo, to a sort of corset-looking thing, that laces up around my ankle. At long last! So, I am finally FREE to THROW this cast at Bush. (Is that great timing or what?)

I throw this leg cast in solidarity with all the people not lucky enough to get a final X-ray, not lucky enough to get their broken and twisted bones healed by modern medicine. I throw this leg cast in hopes we will AT LAST HAVE A CIVILIZED MEDICAL SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY, that does not throw people out in the cold when they have no money. That does not look only at the bottom line, but attempts actual healing. That doesn't let Big fucking Pharm rule the roost! WE PRAY THAT THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEALED, AMEN.

What might our economy look like, if people weren't so bogged down with health-insurance concerns, that they (we!) are too afraid to change jobs? How can we start dynamic new businesses (like the capitalists are always burbling about) when we are worried that one simple illness could totally take us down? If we were free to actually move up, as the so-called American dream has promised? How many people stay in one awful job forever, when they have so much to contribute, all because they are afraid to lose usually-shitty health-insurance, that is indeed, still better than none at all? How many kids drag-out their time in college, since they know when they finally graduate, they probably won't have any health insurance on their entry-level job?

How many people with disabilities do not bother to find jobs, afraid they will lose the few benefits they have? (Some are having benefits cut constantly, as it is.)

THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS is disgusting... the fact that we are supposed to be THE GREAT WESTERN CIVILIZATION, and pronounce on the affairs of other nations, and still can't even take care of our own sick and disabled citizens? This is totally and completely fucked up, maybe the most fucked up thing about this country. As an alternative-medicine practitioner, I hear about it daily. It is stagnating us. We must change.


As Bill O'Reilly would say, there's the memo.

And now, I log off and join the virtual festivities, as HOPE comes to our nation.

Again, Amen.


Jackie said...

Sitting here watching. A great day and thankfully we are getting full coverage on most our TV stations in South Africa.

Bryce said...


Starla said...
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Starla said...

lol@ the bob marley picture.
GO OBAMA. 60 years ago his father would not have even been served at a diner. its good to see America has grown, and is still changing,and now we know for the BETTER. :)
*throws MY virtual shoe* don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on your way out mr. bush :P~

and i will also add, AMEN!!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Lovely photo of children at the South Carolina state house, celebrating!

Mista Jaycee said...

I throw my kicks in Soladarity!

Skinner said...

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow from your three of your friends high up in Canada (and low down in political standing if you've watched the news out of bountiful. Certainly not how we roll, but why put our necks on the block.)

Er - Anyhow. Everyone sends their love to Grandma Daisy.

Todd said...

Happy Inauguration Day to you also. It's been a great day. Here's to the future.

JoJo said...

*happy dance* Whoo hoo!!!!!!!! The end of an error!!!!!!

Dave Dubya said...

This has been a bright and happy day for America!

Those ol' US Blues aren't so bad anymore.

queen emily said...

Woot. So glad he's in, and Bush is gone.

Interestingly, I was reading a book recently which reckoned that the US government spends more per capita on health care than the UK and Canada. Would love to track that stat down properly, cos seriously? Wtf?

Jha said...

Happy Inauguration Day to you too!!!

mikeb302000 said...

Thanks for a great post, as usual. Good luck with that injury. I hope you can make a full recovery with little to no discomfort.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Good points. I find insurance "portability" pretty laughable considering how outrageous the payments are when you actually try to take your insurance with you.

sheila said...

Good post! And yes, I can only begin to imagine what my situation would look like if I didn't have to pay $425/mo for health insurance with my stupid frickin 5,000 deductible. Lousy bastards.

I'm happy to see that this morning, Obama is already working hard. Especially to overturn some really crappy/shaddy programs that the Shrub tried to sneak in at the end.

Oh, and bye bye gitmo. I'd be curious to see what we had to give to/pay Cuba for that whole thing to have been going on there.