Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It doesn't matter, she was just lookin at you

Main Street, Greenville SC.

Listen to how purty this sounds, particularly the harmonies entwining the line, "You might need her someday, you might need her someday"--sounds just like angels.

All that blather yesterday about bisexuality brought the song "It doesn't matter" back into my consciousness, so I went looking for it. And by gum, there it was. Some VERY YOUNG PERSON with excellent musical taste posted it on YouTube. (You classic rock kids are GEMS, didya know that? I could kiss all of you.)

I seem to remember the original, by Stephen Stills and Manassas. The guitar lines have been lifted wholesale; Stills had major guitar chops. But I confess, I prefer this glitzy pop version that I heard on the radio... and of course, this is the version that perfectly matches my memories. (Some nostalgia just makes you ache, particularly at the year's end.)

Thanks for the song! And I hope you all enjoy it.


It doesn't matter - Firefall


JoJo said...

Happy New Weir, Daisy!

Anonymous said...

thx 4 clearing up confusion. knew i'd heard a stills version b4. couldn't remember song name 2 look up & thought it was "she was just lloking at you" but google would give me firefall. i prefer stills, but both r magic. now i know to look 4 manassas.,

--Missing the Days of Classic Rock