Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another reason to talk about the Who

Fun meme, borrowed from Ren and Amber!

Rules: Choose a singer/band/group- THE WHO

Answer the following using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group

1. Are you male or female? The Real Me
2. Describe yourself. The Acid Queen
3. What do people feel when they’re around you? They are all in love
4. How would you describe your previous relationship? Cobwebs and Strange
5. Describe your current relationship. Success Story
6. Where would you want to be now? Sea and Sand
7. How do you feel about love? Is it in my head?
8. What’s your life like? Quadrophenia
9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? Tattoo
10. Say something wise. Love ain't for keeping

Anyone who wants to borrow that, feel free! HIPPIE MEMES ALWAYS!


In the movie Quadrophenia, we are treated to an inside Mod joke: punctuating the lyrics "Why doncha all ff-ff-ff--" someone helpfully bellows FUCK OFF!!!!! (instead of the much nicer, radio-safe "ff-fff-fffade away"...)

And forever after, I've always heard it that way. ;)

The Who - My Generation (at the Monterey Pop Festival)


1) Those really amazing amoebas flashing on the stage. Was that somebody's job, to make those? (Out of squishing paint together, or what?)

2) The clothes are something else. They didn't call them Mods for nothing! Roger's cape makes him look like he is getting ready to sit down, offer you some herbal tea and read your tarot. At the end, during the pandemonium, he is just spinning around, cape flying, oblivious.

3) Nice montage at the end, of various historic destructive Who finales throughout the ages.

4) Keith defies description, as always.


YogaforCynics said...

The liquid light show...created by dropping dollops of colored oils (I think) in a fishbowl then pointing a projector through it...don't know why they stopped using those, always thought they would've been great at Dead shows in the 80's (though, recently, I saw a band called the Black Angels use them...).

John Powers said...

Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. I notice some Blogger blogs have a box to check to get email updates when someone else leaves a comment, but I haven't found where to activate that on my blog.

Capes are wonderful. A friend made me one and gave it to me last Christmas. Here's a photo. I think everyone needs a cape.

LarryE said...

Yeah, the light show. I knew a guy who ran one and I helped him out from time to time. I think Canned Heat was the biggest name group I ever worked.

For the rear-projector kind, it was colored oils but not a in a fishbowl; they were curved glass bowls kind of like gigantic, non-refractive, contact lenses.

Stacking two or even three such bowls with different oils between them and wiggling them up and down would produce the classic pulsing patterns.

Another way, a bit more advanced, was to have more than one setup, each with its own projector. By varying the intensity of the projectors, you could flip between (or among) the various patterns/designs.

Meowser said...

In high school, we ALWAYS used to yell "fuck off!" at that part of "My Generation." I never knew it came from the film.

I used Creedence for my meme.

1. Are you male or female? - Pagan Baby
2. Describe yourself. - It Came Out of the Sky
3. What do people feel when they’re around you? - Fortunate Son
4. How would you describe your previous relationship? - Rude Awakening #2
5. Describe your current relationship - Keep on Chooglin' (what can I say, Creedence didn't do a lot of happy relationship tunes)
6. Where would you want to be now? - Lookin' Out My Back Door
7. How do you feel about love? - I Put a Spell on You
8. What’s your life like? - Wrote a Song for Everyone
9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? - Long As I Can See the Light
10. Say something wise. - Who'll Stop the Rain?

mikeb302000 said...

They were so cool.

JoJo said...

I thought they put the oils on an overhead projector and then used a clear plastic sheet on top of them to make all the bloppy things.

While I kind of like the Who of the 60's, the rest of their stuff I find over rated *ducks to avoid flying fruits and veggies* Later 70's Who ("5:15", "Who are you") was great, but 80's Who ("You better you bet") suck. Maybe it's b/c of the age difference, but I vastly prefer Elton John's "Pinball Wizard" over the Who's.

sheila said...

OMG, love the Who! Reminds me of yesteryear when I could light one up and just chill out. No can do anymore. (sigh)

byt, heard the fuck version on the radio not long ago!

polerin said...

Wish I wasn't stuffed up and headachy from a cold... Would totally get down with some Kieth moon drumming right now.

ZenDenizen said...

Excellent reason to talk about the Who! Sorry if I shared this before but you may like my Who themed post :)

I did a similar meme with The Police: