Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dead Air Church - Dear Diary

Dear diary, what a day its been.
Dear diary, its been just like a dream.
Woke up too late, wasn't where I should have been.
For goodness sake what's happening to me.
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary.

It was cold outside my door.
So many people by the score.
Rushing around so senselessly.
They don't notice there's people like me.
Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary.

They don't know what they're playing.
They've no way of knowing what the game is.
Still they carry on doing what they can.
Outside me, impolitely, dear diary.

Its over, will tomorrow be the same?
I know that they're really not to blame.
If they weren't so blind, then surely they'd see.
There's a much better way for them to be.
Inside me, yours truly, dear diary.


Moody Blues - Dear Diary


screamin puma said...

never heard before. nice!

mikeb302000 said...

It must be an age thing, but quite unlike your first commenter, after reading the first line of your post, the rest flowed effortlessly in my mind. So saturated was my brain with the Moodys.

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

That's my favorite Moody Blues song.