Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ain't no luck, I learned to duck

Left: President-Elect Barack Obama at Furman University, during the South Carolina primary. Photo from Greenville News. (This is one of my favorite photos of Obama, and I love that it was taken locally.)


South Carolina went for McCain early, as I said last night. Nonetheless, I stayed up late, late, late, waiting for North Carolina to go for Obama. The jury is still out; they are still tallying the votes. Of course, I also stayed up to watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Michelle was beaming, the girls beaming. They are the ones who made me cry, actually. Their joy and happiness was contagious indeed.


I was driving yesterday on Pelham Road in Greenville, when some guy in a fancy-ass Lexus started tailgating me and giving me the finger. At the intersection of Patewood and Pelham, turning left, he started honking at me to turn. It's a very busy intersection, and I was waiting for the green arrow-light. Looking in my rear view mirror, I saw him yelling and gesturing wildly. He looked like the actor Rene Auberjonois, and for a second, I thought it might actually be him. (Lots of people retire in South Carolina, so it isn't an outlandish idea. I reflexively thought, go back to Hollywood, asshole!)

I've been especially frazzled and rushed lately, and as a result, I am currently not the most centered person. (I try, I really do, as Billy Jack so memorably said.) I got pissed and stubbornly refused to turn until I got the green arrow, and yelled FUCK YOU so that he could read my lips. After turning, he passed me in the right lane. I gave him the finger as he passed. He then jumped into my lane and slowed down. I actually thought he was gonna jump out of his Lexus on Patewood Drive and commence to open a can of whup-ass on me. Yes, locals will realize, this was right in front of St Francis hospital... I guess we wouldn't have far to go to the ER if we ended up in a fistfight, huh?

But I was flabbergasted. Whaaaaa!?!? WTF? I couldn't figure out the tantrum, which seemingly came out of nowhere. And then I remembered my ANOTHER MAMA FOR OBAMA bumper sticker. (I didn't think a "Go vegetarian!" bumper sticker could possibly make him that angry, but you know, I could be wrong.) HAH! UPSET, ARE WE!? Most of the south went red yesterday, which made me sad, although it was far closer than it's been in decades. But I guess Mr Lexus knew which way the tide was turning, and he was agitated. TOO, TOO BAD!

I am wondering if anyone else experienced that kind of thing yesterday, harassment and unbridled assholery from sore losers. Particularly here in the red states.


Time to celebrate! In this song, the phrase "rock the boat" was widely assumed to be "rock the vote"--due to the patriotic context. I have always thought the popular slogan "rock the vote" came from this misheard lyric. Or maybe not. But we did it, huh? :)

If only my mother, my grandmother, Steve Conliff, Jerry Garcia, so many people, could be present to witness this historic event.

For them, for us, here is -- US BLUES! Thanks to Yoga For Cynics for the idea! (For those who prefer the cleaned-up studio version, click here.)

And Elizabeth Dole LOST! Let's hope she also loses the lawsuit, filed by her opponent (and new Democratic Senator of North Carolina!) Kay Hagan.

I am completely thrilled that the south has a DEMOCRATIC WOMAN SENATOR!!!! KAY KAY ALL THE WAY, KAY KAY ALL THE WAY....


bryce said...

its a GR8 NEW DAY!!!!

JoJo said...

Well last week, I put down my passenger window and yelled "MCCAIN SUCKS" to someone who had a sticker on their car. That's all. I expected him to give me the finger. But no, he did a road rage thing on me. He weaved in and out of traffic to get right behind me, on my bumper w/ his high beams on. So I slammed on my brakes. He backed off but kept his highs on till I was able to get away from him. I wasn't expected to be chased and hunted down like that for merely expressing MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.

The Republicans are being very poor losers. They have been so damn NASTY thru this whole thing. Talk about major league temper tantrums. GROW UP!

Renegade Evolution said...

Well, not ALL the south...or does Virginia count as the South? Florida is questionable, no doubt, but VIRGINIA????

Annie said...

the woman who lives acroos the street has had a flag flying every day, since we moved here in april. even when it rained, etc.-which is not cool, according to the rules for the american flag. last night, i was out on our front porch after the victory mayhem...i looked over at her house, and the flag was gone. a powerfully negative statement, i thought. and guess what we are putting up in front today??? a big, beeyootiful american flag. which we will treat with respect, removing it as required. we got our country back, daisy!!! i am so filled with emotion today. best day ever!!!

thene said...

On my walk today a lady with an Obama bumper sticker drove past me, and I JUMPED IN THE AIR AND WAVED.

Fingers crossed for the GA senate runoff! (AP hasn't technically called GA's presidential race either, and there's supposedly an issue with early vote counting, but it's unlikely to change the McCain win :/ )

John Powers said...

Yeah Annie! I especially like the "treat with respect" part.

I was a delivery boy for a long time. It took me a month or so on the job to get it through my thick hot-head that road rage was really bad for my health. I still get mad sometimes at other drivers, but that job left me with an instinctive knob in my brain to turn the anger way down.

Friends yesterday stood at a busy corner with Obama signs. One of them was accosted by a driver yelling "You're a traitor to your race!" When I heard that story I yelled: "Yes I'm a race traitor and my middle name is Hussein."

There's nothing brave in that, after all I was at a nice election party with liberals. But it was a measure to me about how far I'd come that such a reaction would be automatic now.

ballgame said...

Hey DDH: OT: I was FINALLY able to read your initial question and it's under consideration.

On topic: Obama!!! W00t!!!!

Maybe humanity has a chance after all.

OM said...

Man, I'm old. I looked at the picture on IMDB and it took me less than a second to think "Benson!" It was my favorite show as a kid. This guy was my hero until Dan from Night Court took his place. I guess I just like assholes.

ArrogantWorm said...

I'm still basking in the Obama win, this sensation of hope is such an - odd - feeling, rather nice though, I have to say. Congratulations on the South's new senator!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

I am a McCain supporter who shook hands with Obama in February of 2007. I commented then that I'd just shook the hand of the next president of the united states.

But all things considered, I'm glad the 44th president will be Mr. Obama.

But while working the polls Tuesday I had one of those sobering moments

hysperia said...

Hey I'm really sorry about your experience with the jerk. But it led you to mention "Billy Jack" - hey, I LOVED that movie and when I watch it now, I kinda like what a hugely idealistic young 'un I was. I try to hide it a bit now.

Renee said...

Yeah seeing Dole lose and finding out it was the end of a 50 year legacy for the Dole and Bush families really put the icing on the cake. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Maybe she can spend her free time appearing in Viagara commercials with her husband now. The only thing I am going to miss is my unhusbands grunting every time someone within his earshot mentions Dole (that's his impersonation)

Sara E Anderson said...

NPR said today (projected? Don't remember) Obama has NC.

Bridge said...

Rock On Jerry! I am sure he would love this!
Yes, NC was just given to Obama today.
I too, was a huge deadhead in my youth!