Saturday, May 24, 2008

Suspect Device

They play their games of power
They mark and cut the pack
They deal us to the bottom
But what do they put back?

--Stiff Little Fingers, Suspect Device


It ain't over till its over! Check out:

Vanessa's piece titled And more on that 1968 thing, in which I wrote an epistle in her comments. (Sorry about that, Vanessa!)

Crooks and Liars features Jesse Ventura vs Pat Buchanan on gay marriage. Video included--a must-see!

At Dave Dubya's Freedom Rants, a most EXCELLENT rant: Simple Reason.

Obama, like most black folks, rarely thinks about white racism. Or, black is the new black at Wear Clean Draws.

And finally, by way of American Leftist, we have Stephen Soldz at Counterpunch, writing about the involuntary drugging of detainees:

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has been systematically administering psychotropic drugs to immigrants in the process of being deported as the Washington Post reported this week. Deportees who in the past had resisted deportation were injected with drugs, often a three drug "cocktail," in order to keep them pliant during deportation. These drugs included the powerful antipsychotic drug Haldol, as well as the antianxiety drug Ativan, and Cogentin, a drug used to treat the often severe Parkinsons illness like side effects of Haldol.

These drugs were prescribed by psychiatrists and administered by specially selected nurse "medical escorts." The drugs were administered in extremely high doses, sometimes rendering the deportees unable to speak. It sometimes took deportees days or even weeks to get the drugs out of their system.
So don't forget, kids, overusing drugs is bad, except when the government does it to dark non-citizens. Got it? Good.

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LarryE said...

Just FYI, re the "1968 thing" I just left this comment at the linked post:

"My own suspicion is that Clinton was trying to say that it's not all that unusual for primaries to go until June and even late in a campaign there can be dramatic changes.

"By oh my word what an absolutely hideous way to say it."

JoJo said...

Wow, you're a Deadhead AND you've heard of Stiff Little Fingers! I am truly impressed; usually the Deadhead world and punk world don't intersect except in my house. ;)