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Rightwing Deadheads?

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Rightwing Deadheads? An oxymoron, you say. Yeah, I thought so too, but apparently, there are a few. I shoulda known, the very concept of a rightwing Deadhead is a scary thing, and the rightwing facet of that person's identity will invariably overshadow the Deadhead. My question: How can they co-exist? Any ideas?

What other combinations have you encountered that are similarly puzzling? Fascist pacifists? Christians-for-the-USSR? Marilyn Manson fans for McCain?

BACKGROUND: Some right wingnut who claims to be a Deadhead asked ME (note: I did not, and would not have asked HIM) if he could link me (see comments here) even though we disagree politically. I agreed, since I am a very NICE and OPEN MINDED person. However, I didn't link him back, which he didn't ask for.

I have only one 'conservative' (depending on your definition) on my blog roll, and he has been a well-behaved, well-mannered southerner; he writes about state and local politics. I guess I was fooled by my southern gentleman and forgot that most conservatives simply HAVE TO intervene in a coarse and blustery manner and make ongoing pests of themselves, rather as Dubya and Company are presently doing abroad. They confuse their meddlesome ways with actual political opinion.

And so, on this thread, we see him making a general ass of himself. I thought I was very nice, although I did tell him to lighten up and stop hyperventilating. As you can see, he did not argue the facts of what I wrote, since he doesn't know anything. He just fulminated. Fine--as a believer in free speech and an anti-fascist, I don't delete comments unless they are purely obscene (i.e. just asking for blowjobs), or spam running to about 7000 words a post (you know who you are!).

On the aforementioned thread, after I joke that I even let Republicans comment (I do, if they want), Abbaddon climbs onto the soapbox and delivers a speech about His Beliefs:

What makes you think I'm a Republican?

Because I'm not.

I'm not a Christian, either.

Nor am I opposed to same-sex marriage.

Or medicinal marijuana.

Or a woman's right to do with her body as she sees fit.

I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment (as all "Liberals" who fear the taking of their rights by the Bush Administration should be but oddly, seem not to be).

I am opposed to appeasement of those who would destroy any human through a peace-at-any-cost policy.

I am a relative pacifist.

I am proud of the US and our collective accomplishments. It is pride born of living in and traveling to some of the worst Third World shitholes on the planet that are governed by corrupt officials that take our money, neglect their people and badmouth us at every turn.

Most "Liberals" I encounter badmouthing this country have never left its borders.

I firmly believe that some people need killing because they are damaged beyond repair.

Is that all anathema to you?

Or just some of it?

Am I a "Republican" in your eyes merely because I take exception to hyperbole borne of an I-hate-all-Republicans-because-I-am= blinded-by-my-hatred-of-George W Bush-attitude?

I have Republican friends, Democrat friends, Libertarian friends and Wiccan friends. I don't judge people based on one aspect of their political point of view. And I don't make assumptions about others based on one aspect of their politics, either.
Note: In all of this fulminating, he does not address the subject of my post or the facts of the case, which was the shootings at Kent State University in 1970. He just goes on and on. (One of the few things I DO NOT hold Dubya accountable for, is Kent State.) Abbadon objects to my characterizations of the Republicans who ordered Martial Law on the Kent State campus (and therefore precipitated murder) as "laying it on thick." And I assumed from this, as well as his pro-war, spoon-fed-from-the-Washington-Times, Kick-Muslim-Ass bloviating over on his blog, that he was a Republican.

Certainly, you can understand that if one comes onto a blog defending Republicans, it is reasonable to assume that you ARE a Republican? If you aren't, and you don't want to be taken for one, how about you STOP ACTING LIKE ONE?

Poor Abbadon is so beside himself at his inability to argue with me, he goes over to his own blog and preens some more about not being a Republican:

Well, maybe not me in this case.

Just for the record, I’m STILL not a Republican.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Republicans.

I’m just tired of people making that assumption because I support our country and our military.

And the Second Amendment. And because I think Obama is an elitist prick who doesn’t deserve my vote.


I’m also tired of “open-minded” liberals AND lefties and closed-minded Righties and self-righteous Christians.

And anyone else that seems to think their way is the only way to roll.
I replied, quite honestly, that HE IS THE ONE who wanted to LINK ME and then comes over here picking a fight. And what does this so-called PRO AMERICAN guy do? What they ALL do, of course: deleted my comment. (It made him cry!) He defends his cowardly action:
Daisy said (in the comment I deleted): Let the record show you came to my site to pick a fight (or some such shit).

No I didn’t. You acted like a nutter when I tried to set the record straight.

Let THE RECORD show I really don’t give a shit at this point.
Set the record straight? You didn't offer a single FACT of the case. How did you try to do that? What a crock of shit. You came to be disruptive, period. Let the record show, that I don't care either, but I can't resist analyzing the peculiar cultural position you are in. I find YOU a perfect example of how confused and fucked up the right wing is these days.

This discontented, mixed-up person claims to be a fan of one of the most leftist, countercultural bands in history, the band that accompanied Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters and Owsley across the USA. How is that possible?

TO THE RIGHT WING DEADHEADS (I don't think there are too many, but I guess there are a few confused, ignorant souls, who never understood the lyrics):

The Dead backs Barack Obama, and if you have a problem with that, take it up with them. DO NOT try to bully old hippie women, because you are too scared to take it up with The Big Boys. Okay? Go to (there's the link, I made it easy for you) and post your nonsense there, for all to read.

Do not call yourself a Deadhead, ask to link me for this reason, and then have a temper tantrum because I actually have opinions similar to the GRATEFUL DEAD THEMSELVES. You are the inconsistent, confused one here, not me. Got it?

And cupcake, do not pretend you are pro-American, when you delete dissenting comments that make you cry, okay? Censorship is UNAMERICAN, remember? Do not wrap yourself in the flag and then delete comments: INTRINSIC CONTRADICTION. If you can't handle freedom of speech, Abbadon, please take refuge in one of the male-identified countries in the Middle East that you hate so much--they share your views on censoring women. You should be right at home there.

Reading Abbadon's "open letter to the Grateful Dead" (linked above)--one wonders why he can tolerate dissenting views from the Dead, but not from me or anyone here in Blogdonia. I think they call that acting-out or displacement. He has no control over his world and the people he admires, so he must blame someone else. Whatever, not my fucking problem. Grow up.

Next up, Republicans-Fans-of-Leon-Trotsky, Hookers-for-Huckabee. Play along at home!


Renegade Evolution said...

extra points for using "cupcake"!

-that libertarian chick who doesn't listen to the Dead...

Daisy said...

Ren, my dentist asked me a bunch of questions the other day as he was replacing my crown (and with his big fat fingers in my mouth how was I supposed to answer?), and after I answered them, he pronounced me A Libertarian! Who knew?

I guess this has something to do with abortion, God, weed, porn and interest rates. All right! :)

Renegade Evolution said...

buy a gun, and you're IN!

Bryce said...

D-check out this article~

on the right wing deadheads. mentions ann coulter & tucker carlson. i think they *have* to be fans, since the right wing doesn't put out *any* good music. last one was johnny ramone. so what choice do they have?
toby keith?

Daisy said...

Ren, my daughter has one, like a good Texan. Hope that counts!

And I have to say, when I was young at least, I was an excellent shot. :)

JoJo said...

Hi Daisy, got here via Annie's Cozy Shack, as I too am a Deadhead, in Washington State.

I know well Abbadon. He and I got into it BIG TIME last year. I'd forwarded him an anti-Bush email and he went and emailed me and everyone else I'd sent it to, a wicked nastygram, and was a complete dick. I told him he was a disgrace to Deadheads. Then he spent a week trashing me on his blog. I cannot stand him. Of course back then he went by his real first name.

He's latched on to some of my blog friends and after he and I got into it on someone else's blog, he changed his name, but his obnoxious comments don't disguise who he really is. I wonder how his wife would feel if she knew the way he drools over one of my friends.

John Powers said...

"Rightwing Deadhead" seems like an oxymoron, but also not so much. The Dead performed for a long time, and the concerts were remarkable events. I once saw them at WVU's dome. For a while there when they were jamming it seemed the music set a up a strange harmonic effect with the building itself, so that the seats were buzzing and everyone got to their feet. Sure, I know what you're thinking, I was buzzing and not the seat. Be that as it may, live shows of the Dead were always an experience not of the ordinary sort.

Back with the great divide between "white" music and "black" music--you know "Disco sucks!" The Dead where seen as quintessentially white music. A black friend was harassed by Deadheads at a concert around that time. He's an old hippie so remarked on the oddity of it.

As far as the rightwing aspect goes, the kids of 1968 are at the height of their game now, and let's face it lots haven't played fair.

queen emily said...

Yeah, the rightward shift of a lot of Baby Boomers--shedding their youthful idealism for real pragmatism or whatever--is like, *the* defining quality of neo-liberalism, so it's not surprising some people'd go much further.

The sad thing is the attempt to retain the aura of that radicalism whilst pursuing policies that are basically the opposite. Actually, now I think about it, the doublethinky qualities of Bush--we need to protect freedom, by curtailing your uh freedom--fits that too.

Or I could be talking complete bollocks about your enormous and wacky country.

*panda picture*

Daisy said...

Jojo, yes, he is presently doing the same to me; he has FOUR separate posts up about me. He is still deleting my comments, though.

His last post, "E-mail from Daisy"--is totally untrue. I did not email him, I left that comment on his blog. So, he deleted the comment and then says I emailed him. (Yeesh, this person has issues.) He is pretty upset about what I said and is now threatening to call the South Carolina attorney general on me. You know, for a Deadhead, he seems totally unaware of when he is being head-tripped, which really makes me rather sad. (What would Ken Kesey say?) Have we lost an important DEADHEAD TRADITION?

John, good points. I hate hearing about the racist incident, because I still have something of a utopian view of Deadheads, but yeah, I know there are assholes in every demographic. This Abbadon experience has been educational in myriad ways. (Admittedly, I don't think I knew the full extent of it--I mean, you know, ANN COULTER? That's hard to take.)

Queen Emily, really perceptive comments. Can't wait till you come back to our wacky country to stay! We need a Queen of our own!

*kitty photos*

Daisy said...

Abbadon has just published my IP address, ISP and email, so I will oblige:

"Mark F." =
IP address
Location US US, United States
City San Francisco, CA -
Organization SBC Internet Services
ISP SBC Internet Services

KOHD.NET listing on

Registrant: Pamela Bobik

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: KOHD.NET

Other IP addresses associated with this domain:

Rootietoot said...

heh- I'm right wing....waaaay over to the right, Libertarian even, and I listen to the Dead once in a while. Occasionally. Even tho I'm Christian. Why I don't spontaneously combust I don't know.

ZenDenizen said...

I can't help but recall these lyrics right now:

Out on the road today, I saw a dead head sticker on a Cadillac...

Dave Dubya said...

Rightwing Deadheads?? Whatever they are, they are something else before they are Deadheads. Like Hell's Angels may listen to the Dead, but they are Hell's Angels.

Republicans may listen to the Dead, but they are republicans first.

Chances are these folks are all Greedheads, Moneyheads, Militaryheads, or Hateheads who may have a fleeting and passing curious interest in the Dead's music.

I can claim to be a capitalist with my 401K but chances are I'm just a working stiff.

Anonymous said...

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lee said...

Bob Weir and Mickey Hart are members of the Bohemian Grove. How right wing can you get? The dead sang about guns and shooting and sharing women. How does that grab you feminists of the left? If they cared abou the world they would donate ALL future profits, not some. The Rockefellers donate money what. Dont the dead members have enough money yet? and how do they feel KNOWING someone will die of an OD at most of their shows. and some creepy strung out crunchy dude will get a girl strung out and pregnant every week of tour. Save the world and be soooo esoteric in a parking lot filled with junkies, waiting to pay to watch the Bohemian Grove [what is that?] right wing entertainment. Wake the hell up. Magic comes from all musicians and there are millions of them. . . . . . Love, A very happy Ex-deadhead [100+ shows] for all you youngsters who haven't learned any better. Go see the world and learn to play music yourself. That's a true hippy with enriching experiences

DaisyDeadhead said...

Lee, Spiro Agnew called and wants his shtick back.

Doc Anchovy said...

I know a guy that is a chef at Bohemian Grove during the summers. You'd never know it to look at him.

SixProudWalkers said...

As a right-wing-ish Deadhead, I can understand how people are surprised that there are right-wingers in existence that can get down with a good Eleven. It's ridiculous to assume you can't be a Deadhead before a right-winger, Dubya. Just to refresh the collective memory of the room, the Dead's second primary lyricist, JP Barlow, was a long-time Republican..and..gasp!...Cheney supporter campaign manager.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Part two is HERE... sorry I am only a year late in posting it, LOL.

I am getting a lot of hits on this post for some reason, so decided to update with the link to part 2.

Six, JP Barlow describes himself as a Libertarian Republican and wrote one of the best deconstructions of John McCain's candidacy I've ever read... so certainly not any typical Republican.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain why this is not an oxymoron.....Grateful dead tour was a place where you could show up with nothing, get a job with a vendor, sell whatever out of a backpack shuffling around lot, turn in the cash at the end of the day and build your own business from the ground up, if you played your cards right. Sorry for the run on sentence, that's just how it goes. It used to be in the lot by 10 AM , work your tail off till show time, pack it up, and dance your tail off, and go back to work after the show. This did not change until the event of hippie crack and nasty agro communists that wanted to gate crash because they did not have tickets. Now that same type of brat is protesting in the streets because they did not get their way in an election. Before this point,Dead tour was an ANCAP wonderland of unregulated and free market VOLUNTARY capitalism. I have no clue as to why this concept is hard for people to understand. Deadheads were never to my recollection people that were particularly leftist and I called tour and gathering home for many, many years. Traditional family roles were the foundation of the community and voluntary interaction, entrepreneurship and decision were the economic backbone. Tour would not have been the amazing place it was without it.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, I haven't been keeping up, so I am very sorry it took so long to print your comment. I had it on a spam setting for 'anons'.

Some quick thoughts as I read your reasonable comment:

1) there is 'capitalism' and then there is megacapitalism, monopoly capitalism, Big Business (as in BigPharm and BigAgra and BigPlastic and BigOil) and what we can now call Trumpian capitalism (what we used to call Forbes capitalism; keep in mind he has a child named Barron and one named Tiffany)... and then there is my late grandmother who ran a flea market for over a decade and knew the Hilltop neighborhood like the back of her hand, and tried to provide what they needed for very cheap, as if they were her own children. There is some mega-corp operating on that very spot now,+Columbus,+OH+43204/@39.9552234,-83.0692211,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLFWE3KUrWPFrGRJcIHYANQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x88388fe63c699e2d:0x8be6c0d0d86adc8d!8m2!3d39.9551452!4d-83.0692375

...and the neighborhood I grew up in? Is total shit.

It wounds me. How did this happen? Big capitalism and slumlords, not my grandmother. RAPACIOUS, BIG CAPITALISM.


2) I agree about the crackheads invading; Yippies believed this was a deliberate DEA move to weaken the marijuana-based community, so BigPharma was free to market antidepressants like a motherfucker, gazillions in profits at stake... the pro-Prozac propaganda also started at this time, as well as the pro-opium propaganda and attendant flooding of the market with Oxys, the multi-state 'pain clinics' etc... all coincided with federal (not states, which tend to be pro-marijuana as a revenue source) attacks on marijuana-centered communities; even a bunch of rastas out in Hawaii were hauled in for 100 plants or some shit. Insanity.. but why? The reason? Obviously to strengthen the hold of BigPharma and increase revenues (e.g. make junkies out of ppl) in the event that medical marijuana is legalized, which is increasingly inevitable.

I'd say they succeeded, wouldn't you?


Daisy Deadhead said...


3) "Deadheads were never to my recollection people that were particularly leftist"

As a modern prophet once schooled us, if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow... so ppl heeded this prophet's words and stopped doing that... all except the most stubborn/hard-core. Other people just lived it and coulda put the good Chairman to shame... the ppl I've known in my life who have actually lived their socialism have been Deadheads, Yippies and Lesbian feminists (often separatists), and in that order. Respect where it is due.

Your post describes **an intentional community**, and those are leftist at base, a leftist invention, if you will. Please go back and study The Diggers, San Francisco Mime Troupe, The Hog Farm, Esalen, The Farm in Tennesee--you don't seem to have any background in the history of the counterculture you so enjoyed and don't seem to understand where it emanated from, who built it and why. Please study and learn; for you I'd recommend Peter Coyote's very readable book called "Sleeping Where I Fall" about his time w/the Diggers and Black Bear Ranch, etc. These are the values you found so liberating, the values that allowed you to enjoy the work of commerce (work I also enjoy btw--surprise surprise!)... the values that encouraged new kinds of art, crafts, sexual freedom, music, drama, etc. Yes, traditional families are a backbone--and capitalism (see that video above) has torn them apart, has made it necessary for ppl to move all over the world, AWAY from their traditional extended families. BIG (not small, not my grandmother or some tailgate-tie-dyer in the parking lot) capitalism has destroyed indigenous and organic traditional communities ALL OVER THE WORLD.

4) Here is the genesis.

Ken Kesey takes LSD in the Stanford LSD experiments; at exact same time, Timothy Leary did the same at Harvard.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ken Kesey sits down and writes the Great American Novel and everybody is like, whooooa where can we get some of that?

Ken decides yes, the world needs this.. just like Tim is saying at Harvard. We will take our act on the road, put LSD in Kool-aid (hence the first time this expression was used) and dose everybody... we will flash colors and amoebas on the walls while people are tripping and... we need... MUSIC!

Ken turns to his Palo Alto neighbor, Mr Jerome Garcia, who is also on public radio by then and has a jug/blues band, of sorts. He says, we need a band for ppl to listen to, while we dose them with acid.

Jerry: Sounds good to me.

And so we have the founding of the Grateful Dead.

Now tell me, does that sound like a right or left wing Creation Story to you? ;)