Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dead Air Church - St George's Greek Festival

Left: Traditional Greek dance troupe at St George's.

This weekend, the 22nd annual Greek Festival on the grounds of the St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greenville. Lots of fun, amazing food, traditional entertainment and tours of the beautiful Cathedral and gift shop.

Dead Air Church unequivocally weighs in, wishing that after almost a thousand years, the Roman and Orthodox Churches would once again unite. Yes, I know they'd have to get that pesky Filioque thing straightened out, as well as just WHERE the major HQ will be (and isn't that what really got everyone all stirred up in the first place?) ...and this may indeed be a lost cause. However, I do remain forever hopeful.

The ongoing joke is that Catholics seem to want this reunification far more than Orthodox do. The bad news is that one major reason sought for unity is to consolidate additional hard-line doctrinal allies against secularism. That isn't exactly what I had in mind.


The Menu

Spanakopeta, Tiropeta, Veggie Gyro, Finikia, Kataifi, Galaktoboureko, Koulourakia, Greek coffee.


Below: Icon of St George and the dragon, patron saint of St George's; vigil prayer candles in the Cathedral vestibule; St George's Cathedral; the Festival in progress.


Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS

[via FoxyTunes / They Might Be Giants]


simpleyesa said...

The dresses are cute! hmmm, i mean the costumes of the dance troupe.

anyway, just visiting =P
Have a nice day to you!

Bryce said...

awesome song!

annie said...

yum. maybe i will make spanikopita for dinner tonight. the moosewood cookbook recipe is a great one. greek/mediterranean food is a favorite.

La Lubu said...

What?No baklava on the menu? Sacrilege!