Saturday, March 22, 2008

Odds and Sods - Holy Saturday edition

It is a stunningly beautiful day in upstate South Carolina!

My new blog-friend Mandy and her fabulous photos (see also her photo blog) have inspired me to get my artiste on and take some photos myself!

So, below, is a tour of my Holy Saturday.


Since John McCain has helpfully reminded us that Purim is the Jewish Halloween, I felt a distinct lack of Purim trick-or-treat candy in my life, and so I first went to Mast General Store. There are literally barrels of candy--in hundreds of varieties-- just waiting for Daisy!

Mr Daisy hates Mast General Store which he cynically compares to SOUTHERN LIVING magazine. (However, he WILL eat the candy.)


Next, it's on to the terrific LOOSE LUCY'S, where I buy most of my cutting-edge fashions. (YES, you can shop online, so click and purchase at will!)

At left: Lovely Natalie and Erica stand ready to assist you in your Deadhead fashion needs. They also play excellent reggae and jam band music while you shop. Only a dullard could resist.


And now, for more music, we hit the redoubtable Horizon Records to lose ourselves in stacks of merchandise, particularly the cheap bins. I am patiently waiting for Gene to put a copy of We're Only In it For the Money on sale. (Yes, whoring out the blog, people! Gene, are you reading?)

And right next door, there is the renowned Bohemian Cafe, where one must stop for a sip of sweet tea and some live music.

If you still have any money left! :)


Left and below: Malcolm Holcombe at the Bohemian Cafe, part of WNCW's Tower of Song series.

And as a special treat for Holy Saturday, we have the Seven Deadly Sins quiz!

I like how well I scored (no "highs" on anything!), but I have to say, the Lust questions simply didn't, um, address the things I personally find worthy of lust. So, of course, I scored very low. It's all a matter of staying under the radar. I know how! (((grins and winks))) I'd guess lots of other people also know how.

So, don't haul the answers over to your local priest, announcing, "See!?!"--however tempting it may be.






Lust:Very Low


Thanks to lovely Lady Banana!

Have a happy Easter, everyone!


white rabbit said...

Oh dear! My wrath practically shot off the scale. I don't think that's true at all :(

the fruitfemme said...

LOL. Loved the pics & don't worry, anyone who has been reading for a bit won't doubt your lusty nature. :)