Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As I wrote on Monday, the Greenville Antiwar Society candle lighting took place on Sunday night, downtown at Bergamo Square. Below are some photographs of the event, which I am sharing here as my contribution to the Blogswarm Against the War.

In the center, there is a beaded structure, representing the Iraqi people--hundreds of beads symbolize the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead. It would be impossible to light a million candles, so this is the best we could do.

Every candle bears the name of an American soldier that has died in this needless, senseless, evil brutality. Their names, ages and dates of death are listed. Of the candles I personally lit, the youngest was 19, the oldest 28. There are 3988, total.

The sheer number of names is overwhelming. Each small, flickering light--a life that has been extinguished.

In the sixth photo below, activists are singing the old Civil Rights hymn, This little light of mine/I'm gonna let it shine.

Yes, we have to do that, as hopeless as it sometimes appears.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

And as another poet once wrote: We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.

We must light the way with truth.



Anonymous said...

Would you have said the same during wwii when the nazi's were killing the jews? what about the mass murders in Iraq

Daisy said...

I would have demanded evidence, as the American people did, that there really were concentration camps. There was ample evidence that Hitler intended to take Europe, since he talked about it all the time and was in the process of doing so.

Instead, we got lies from Dubya, Cheney, Colin Powell. Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

The American people were lied to and would never have approved of the war otherwise. False pretenses--why do you want to sacrifice young American lives for Bush/Cheney's ego? Or for profit?

There is no other reason, at this point.

Zan said...

The problem, Anon, is that at this point WE are the mass murderers in Iraq. We were lured into a war by lies and manipulations. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. The people of Iraq were not staging protests calling for US intervention to rescue them from Saddam. We invaded a country with no reason -- unless you want to count all that rich, yummy oil and those no bid contracts. I oppose war in almost all cases, but I do acknowledge that sometimes it is necessary to take up arms. But not in this case. In this case, people are dying daily and for what?

I have a cousin who has done a tour in Iraq. Right now, he's at home and hopefully he stays there. But he could be called back. He drives tanks, so he'd be under fire regularly. I don't want him to die on foreign soil for this so-called cause. If this war were just, if America was truely in danger, and he lost his life, it would be horrible, but at least it would mean something. If he gets called back and dies now, it'll be because a bunch of men who risk nothing themselves decided to play soldier. Which, I'm certain, will be a great comfort to his wife and son.

nolo said...

daisy -- nolo, here -- your
photos are jaw-slacking; grace-
filled and elegantly "quiet",
sorta' shimmerin', in the night air.

they capture, in a sublimely
poignant way, one metaphor for
just a fraction of the suffering
we've all seen -- and allowed to
occur -- in iraq and afganistan.

kudos to you!

and thanks, THANKS!, for
blogs-swarmin', with us all!

-- n a m a s t é

Mandy said...

the photos are great, the whole thing sounds amazing!

btw... don't you love anonymous comments?? These people don't even have the backbone to openly STAND BEHIND their opinions. Here you are, bravely and OPENLY voicing your views, and anony's - while having the right to voice their opinions as well imo - can't even openly stand behind them!!

Sorry I'm done ventin g :)


Daisy, thanks for posting this. Your photos really sent a chill up my spine. How many more soldiers have to die? And how much longer should Iraqis be terrorized in their own country before the powers that be decide that enough blood has been shed?

abstractjenn said...

Your photo's are really beautiful and touching. You know how I feel about all of this. It's reprehensible, it really is. Our president hasn't a clue and our VP is a liar.

Daisy - thanks for the song I LOVED it and immediately downloaded it into by iTunes.

Zan -You are right on so many levels and if only our soldiers getting killed were the only issue. We have that AND we have them coming home to a VA system that continually screws them over and gives them nothing. I hope your cousin gets to stay home too, I really do.

Zan said...

So far, it seems he's going to be able to stay. Ironically, he's being posted in New Orleans -- which is still in shambles after Katrina, lo these many years later. They actually gave him a choice -- another tour in Iraq or New Orleans. Since NO is in-state and only a few hours from home, he took it. Which isn't to say NO is safe, but at least if something happens to him, his family will actually get to see him in hospital.

I'm so very very glad he didn't get physically injured in Iraq. Psychologically? Well, so far we haven't really seen a lot, but who knows? As a tank driver, he definately saw action, so he definately saw people being killed. That can't be easy. And gods only know if he had to actually kill himself, although in a war zone, you know he had to have fired his weapon at some point. He may never know if he actually killed anyone or not. And THAT can't be easy to deal with either.

saffron said...

Wow, that's incredible... incredibly sad.

Your blog is so intelligent.

Oh and "hey now"!!!