Monday, March 3, 2008

Is Barack Obama the antichrist?

A couple of weeks ago, one of the local preachers of my acquaintance approached me at work, asking me if I liked Senator Barack Obama. Apparently, I look the type. I answered in the affirmative.

He narrowed his eyes at me: "Isn't it strange how everyone looooooves him?"

I snorted, "Seems to me, everyone is trash-talking him all the time."

He looked disappointed; I obviously wasn't getting it.

"People are treating him like a MESSIAH!" he announced.

Uh-oh. I could see where this was going.

"You aren't implying..." I started.

And yes, he was more than simply implying. He started to tell me all about the Biblical prophecies, and how Barack Hussein Obama fit into those, starting with his birthplace, his father, his middle name, and on and on.

"What happened to George Soros?" I asked.

He ignored me, and continued enumerating the reasons why Barack is the antichrist.

Oh boy.

I've heard this a number of times now, on some tiny-wattage Christian radio stations in the area, as well as on Wonkette.

Who started these rumors, and when? Does anyone know who first propagated the idea?

Very interesting, considering that religious crackpot John Hagee is publicly speaking for the John McCain presidential campaign. Is the GOP tacitly approving the Barack-is-the-antichrist rumors?

Why is Senator Obama expected to "renounce and reject" Louis Farrakhan, while McCain can cozily hobnob with these anti-Catholic and racist Rapture lunatics?

As I told the preacher--I wouldn't worry just yet. It seems to me, Barack is getting it nonstop from the right and the left.

He didn't seem convinced.

They really believe this stuff, you know.


May said...

Bush as Prez and OBAMA is the anitchrist...figures lol

La Lubu said...

LOL!! What may said. Guess I better go check my email for any urgent missives from my crazy uncle (the one who thinks building codes are a communist plot, along with fluoride in the water).

I suppose we'll have to listen to a whole lot of this stuff for a while. Is it January yet?!

Renegade Evolution said...

well, hard to keep up with the antichrists of the modern era, ain't it? We've been through Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussien, and now...


How come the antichrist is never a white guy? Well, there IS marilyn manson...

Bryce said...

i keep hearing he is a closet muslim, but the anti-christ thing is gaining traction.

Alison Hymes said...

They need to get their exigesis right (sp?). Obama is too old to be the anti-Christ for one thing, would have had to show his stuff by age 30, and for another the anti-Christ wouldn't know who his father was and Obama does. Not that I believe any of this nonsense, but if they're going to push it they should at least stay consistent in their prophecies...;)
Although I did write a spoof about exegisis showing the anti-Christ would attend Harvard a while back :).


Anonymous said...

It would be a mistake to not think it is possible that Obama is great trouble for the United States. Why in the world would you go along with a man who believes a baby born alive through abortion should be left somewhere to die with no aid given? I do not know if B.O. is the Antichrist, but his ways are definitely not Christ-like.

Anonymous said...

I's really pathetic how desperate the religious right has become since they can see too that it's all slipping away. How dare you "anonymous" even think about dogging Obama when you have supported the party that has single-handedly murdered thousands through a war based on a lie and pushed thousands more into poverty, all under the name of Jesus. There will be a special place for the religious right when their time comes. Blasphemers, all!

Anonymous said...

I find all of this dialogue very compelling - especially since today is the first day I have seen any of it. Ironically enough, I was watching a show on National Geographic just last week about the AntiChrist. Never having seen the show before, I was interested remembering the movie Omen and the chills that gave me. As I watched the show, Barack Obama immediately came to mind based on the show's definition of the AntiChrist - most has been reiterated here.

Now Obama came to mind with NO provocation from anyone on a blog or Website. It was simply from watching the TV show on the AntiChrist that made me immediately think of him - not influenced by anyone.

Then when I went online today - I Googled AntiChrist again so I could get the passages to read them for myself . . . and I see all of this discussion around Barack Obama and I was sincerely creeped out.

There are truly "evil" people that have been leaders and there always seem to be insane sadistic tyrants such as Saddam Hussein - but Obama - because of this coincidence and that there are so many others who have the same impression - the only thing we can do is keep him from the Presidency - which is where he will get his power.

Jason Parker said...

I don't know who the antichrist will be,but there will be one.Trust in Jesus Christ and leave it up to God.Lets pray for those who say "there is no God".

Anonymous said...

No not the antichrist, he's just a marxist. not getting my vote

Daisy said...

Anon, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Robert said...

It's kind of funny in a way. People can be easily mislead. Very easily.
There is nothing in revelations which states that the Anti-Christ is a man. There is no reference to his name or his religion. The word Muslim is never mentioned. This of course is due to the fact that the Muslim religion will not appear on earth till 400 years after Revelations was written. Kind of inconvenient isn't it?

So like I said, there is always this AXIOM at work: People can be easily mislead.

Is Obama the Anti-Christ? - No

Does Obama know about the Axiom? - Yes

Anonymous said...

I believe electing Obama is a MISTAKE. Period. He may be the antichrist, but either way he is inexperienced, has no history of the change he talks about. Talk is cheap. He has nothing behind his words, and has never lead anything.He certainly meets all of the antichrist criteria. I'm voting for Mccain

Daisy said...

Wow! The antichrist hits have spiked markedly after the debate, yall. (Is some preacher talking about this somewhere?)

Since you're all here, I'll make it easy:

Complete guide to Daisy's "Is Obama the antichrist?" posts

Emmanuel said...

let me say this...All of you. Jesus christ is the focus of everything. His message is a message of love..for all. remember that. dont get caught up in everything else. listen....everything he spoke happened. From "let there be light! to "it is finished." So let your hearts not be troubled. what has to happen will happen. there is nothing we can do to stop what he has spoken. all we can do is sit back and watch this wonderful story he wrote play out.
-Emmanuel Hurd

Gypsy said...

For the record, I didnt like neither Obama or McCain, fare as I'm concerned, both parties are bought out. Anyway, regarding the subject matter, no way is Obama the antichrist, no more than GB was. Remember, is supposed to be LOVED and ADORED by all! So, I dont think so, for whatever its worth, here's my ideal on who it is & I bet most Christians never even thought of this one! I dont necessarily believe it all, but will have to admit things I've read on this site have a way of coming true later??