Sunday, October 21, 2007

What kind of brain do you have?

Which way is she spinning, clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Once you perceive her going one direction, it's hard to switch, but possible. Then, once you see that--it can be just as hard to switch back! Pretty amazing, since it looks like she suddenly changes directions!

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of your brain. If counter-clockwise, more of the left side.

The majority of people see the dancer turning counter-clockwise. This test is originally from Perth Now:

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Last night, exhausted, I saw her turning counter-clockwise, but I could switch her back and forth easily. This morning, relatively rested, she is turning clockwise and I can't switch her back. I wonder if mood and other such matters make a difference?

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kactus said...

I just asked my 11 year old which way she saw her turning, and she said she couldn't tell, because the lady kept switching back and forth. I wonder what that means?

Bryce said...

counter clockwise

Trinity said...

every time i blink she switches. she needs to STOP THAT. :)

Renegade Evolution said...

left brained here....even thou I suck at math ;)

A.W. said...

I just asked my 11 year old which way she saw her turning, and she said she couldn't tell, because the lady kept switching back and forth. I wonder what that means?

I had a similar problem. At first it looked like her body was moving without her consent, in different, inconceivable directions. Then it looked like she's going in a different direction every other millisecond after I read what was supposed to be going on. Almost gave me a headache watching it, although it's an interesting image. Here's a trick; tell her to watch a hand or part of an arm move instead of the whole body, if she can. It's how I can get the image to stay going in one direction, at least long enough to pin it down. Doesn't last long, though.

Electric Furr said...

weird...on my friend's blog I saw it going clockwise...then here I saw it going counter...but then it switched itself up a bit...hmmm...maybe i'm ambidextrous?


belledame222 said...


*bursts into tears*

how's that wooorrrrrk???

A.W. said...

Maybe the direction lies with whichever part of the brain someone is using most at the moment sees the image, and that's taken as whether someone is usually left or right brained?

I would've figured the spatial perception would go hand in hand with the math, though, instead of being solely contributed to the left side, because I count the amount of space in a picture using part of an object in the original view as a reference. 'Three and a half leaves equal one hat' kind of thing. Always have, so it's....kind of very confusing for me that math is located on the left, unless people are excluding odd units of measurement. Detail oriented and order perception would also fit much better with the spatial recognition and symbols/images, to my mind. Otherwise someone could ask me to draw, say, twenty pairs of sneakers, and they'd all look pretty similar if details and pattern variations weren't a part of it, wether I was looking at the image I was drawing from or not. Without the pattern variation, images would also lack quite a bit of depth on paper, because it seems to me the pattern, for example (on a figure wearing clothes, let's say) makes the figure appear rounded/flatter, and if you don't 'notice' the pattern much, if at all, it'll look flat. It helps to add shading for depth, o'course, but shading is only half the battle. Hell, you could substitute a lot of things in place of clothes. tile floors, repeating borders on wallpaper, et cetera. The pieces in the pattern aren't (normally) all the same because of the view.

It would be a lot of fun, I think, to recreate that spinning figure in a flip book, thank you for posting it, Daisy.

"how's that wooorrrrrk???"

Literally? I can tell you how it works on my screen, despite the errant movement. The figure is all black, there's no shading on my pc. If it is the same for you, then this is how I imagine they did it. The parts of the body blend together, you can't tell wether an arm or leg is in front of or behind the figure, as it's all one color and you can't shadows because the figure itself is solid once an leg or arm moves 'in front' or 'behind' the torso. Furthering the illusion is the feet, which looks the same facing you and not facing you, either way it looks like a stub, which could be taken as a heal or a toe. It lets your brain arbitrarily decide what it is since you can't actually make it out.

A.W. said...

"it's all one color and you can't see shadows" I meant. Ugh, typed too fast, sorry.

A.W. said...

Well, shadows and patterns, since it looks to be one solid color from over here. Oi, and the head does the same thing as the feet. It's a rather neat trick, all things considering, and they didn't even have to make the figure do a full circle, only a half of one. The simpler explanation, which would've been shorter to type instead of the badly worded paragraph above, is that it seems they got rid of the patterns and the shadow, from what I can tell, and just made it one solid object. Does it look any different from someone else's screen?

alphabitch said...

My laptop takes a while for it to load; for a while I thought she wasn't turning at all, then she started and stopped and I couldn't tell which way she was trying to go. But once the computer stopped making its "I'm busy" noise, she started turning calmly and smoothly in an obviously clockwise direction. I can't make it seen any other way.

alphabitch said...

today she is going counter-clockwise, but not as obviously as she was going clockwise yesterday. I can make her seem to go clockwise again, but the minute I look away she is going counter-clockwise.

too freaky!

BLASe said...

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