Thursday, October 11, 2007

Captain Howdy strikes again

Decided to get into a feminist groove today, and checked out Womensspace to see what Heart is talking about. I was feeling fairly magnanimous, considering that she has declared I "scare" her. (I'd link to said thread, but it appears to have been deleted--surprise!)

And what do I see over there? Talk about EXORCISM. Yes, yes, I know she means some bizarre feminist concept of EXORCISING the patriarchy, but still. The residual religious mania that Heart displays is daunting. Isn't she afraid of TRIGGERING (snort!) some wayward ex-Christians with talk like that? Lucky I have my southern lady smelling salts (I prefer ylang-ylang scented) nearby, in the event of apoplexy.

Listening to: Laura Nyro - Captain for Dark Mornings
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