Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Church service--wake up!!!

Yes! I know you slackers don't wanna go to church. Too bad! Church instead comes to you.

29 years ago, I helped occupy the site that is now the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire, as part of a national coalition with the Clamshell Alliance. I camped out on a construction site, that had heaps of trash EVERYWHERE! It was horrific, but it was the type of thing I did 24/7 in those days.

I got up on Saturday morning, covered with mosquito bites (I stopped counting at 40), consigned to eating rock-hard unsweetened peanut butter, while the head Clams (as we called the Alliance) sat in a circle and argued. Will this never end? Why am I here? And why didn't anyone tell me New England summer nights are freezing and include mosquitoes the size of WASPS??? Meanwhile the Manchester-Union Leader was telling the local Authoritays to smash heads (bust some clams, they liked to say). Every loud noise made everyone jump; there had been a lot of arrests in the previous months. I hated the whole thing.

And then, guess who showed up!? All right!!! It was Pete Seeger and Jackson Browne!

Yes, I know JB supposedly beat up Darryl Hannah and is therefore a bad man, but I love this song, which I have thought of as a hymn ever since. It literally gave me the strength to continue the cursed occupation. At one point, hearing thousands of activists (who were currently trespassing) sing together "Oh people, look among you, it's there your hope must lie..." was just an overwhelming experience.

Also, I find it interesting that JB was lovers with Nico, of all people.

Anyway, enjoy the hymn, have a nice day, and avoid occupations of large construction sites surrounded by the National Guard... unless, of course, you just HAVE to do it.


A.W. said...

You have a nice day, too

Daisy said...

Thank you!

Hope you liked the Sartre cookbook! :D

Erin said...

Call it blind faith (*ducks the shoe for the music reference*) but I've aways been touched by Jackson Brown's music. I don't know if he did abuse DH, and would be very sadden to learn it was true, but I would never stop loving his music. Even though in many way's I've had my dreams and illusions shattered, I still feel the ache and belief in the America that I thought was or could be every time I listen to "Born for America."

It may mark me as a more moderate person than some I know and respect, but I cannot bring myself to condemn anyone. Be disappointed and heartbroken, but at this point in my life, not condemn or hate.

Anonymous said...

i love that song!

Anonymous said...

i didn't believe you about nico so i looked it up & you were right. nico & iggy makes sense. nico & jackson brown? bizarre.