Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feast of Elvis Presley

Alphabitch just reminded me that it's Elvis week! I was gonna post on him tomorrow, since I always (mistakenly) think his date of death was the same day my dearly-departed friend/mentor Steve Conliff hit the Governor of Ohio with a banana cream pie (Aug 17), but in fact, Elvis died the day before. However, Steve was always proud that he made the cover of the NEW YORK TIMES the same day as Elvis!

Since I am feeling like a bad Catholic today, I thought I'd try to keep with the general theme. Photo above: Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore in CHANGE OF HABIT! Tagline that should have been: I'll bet you never knew Vatican II could be like this!

In fact, Elvis did drive one beautiful, broken-hearted actress into the convent, where she stayed. If you can't have Elvis, the only logical man is Jesus. Makes sense to me.

AND WOW--she is actually MOTHER DELORES now! The other nuns are probably in awe. Why not? I am!


antiprincess said...

Actually, I know a girl who volunteers at the abbey where Dolores Hart is. she's a nice lady, but not well.

she's not all brokenhearted and stuff. apparently she never really was - that was just media bs.

she's just really In The Spirit.

Daisy said...

Oh yeah, I know. :) She always had an ethereal quality, like in WHERE THE BOYS ARE, you can easily see where she'd end up in religious life. She is totally at one with the character; a woman who in another age would make a great academic or feminist.

The link has an interview with her, and she doesn't seem 'broken-hearted' at all. That was the story we all grew up on, though. And I daresay, we were PROJECTING! :P

antiprincess said...

when my pal comes back from the abbey she's all full of "and Mother Prioress did this! and Mother Prioress did that! and then Mother Subprioress said this, and then Mother Sebastian said that, and then I said..."

apparently the women of this particular abbey are really organized and hip and oozing wonderfulness out of every pore. I am a little envious that she gets to go there.

Daisy said...

AntiP, here are my ladies!

I know how she feels: it's a wonderful gift to be in their presence.

antiprincess said...

you got ladies!

I add you to my jealous list. effective immediately.

antiprincess said...

once upon a time, when I was no taller than a jug of wine, my dad was a teacher of music theory at a local college. one day he had three new students.

Three fresh-faced, eager young sisters, all decked out in their best pre-vatican II nun gear, ready to suck up all that sweet sweet music theory, sitting front-and-center, smiling with great enthusiasm.

"good morning, Professor Hoffman! We are just delighted to be in your class! Thank you so much!"

My dad was, um, alarmed. He tried to keep his cool, tried to be all pro and stuff.

he made a few introductory remarks, and then grabbed the four-pronged chalk holder that drew music staff lines on the chalkboard.

"skreeeeeeeee!" said the chalk.

"Oh, shit," said my dad.

"I mean, oh shucks," said my dad.

the sisters just smiled.

he erased the board and tried again.

"skreeeeeeerieereiiiierieee!" said the chalk.

"God Damn it!" said my dad.

the nuns just smiled.

he had to leave the room, poor guy.

eventually, however, they all worked it out and the sisters became great pals of my dad. I think he caught up with them about 10 years ago - one is still in the order, one has left and is married to a former priest, and one I don't remember.

Daisy said...

Great story, AP!

I am fascinated by how nuns seemed to enter pop-culture consciousness at the same time they started abandoning the old habits and customs, en masse. It's like everyone wanted so much to get those habits off of them and update them to the 20th century, but when they actually did that, everyone missed it.

The movie CHANGE OF HABIT, BTW, was about Mary Tyler Moore being a "new style" of post-Vatican II nun (dressed like a 'normal' person), and Elvis falls in love with her without knowing she is a nun. Countless TV shows in the 60s had the same theme!

BTW, Delores Hart entered the convent in 1963, and took her final vows in 1970. (Vatican II was in 1964) CHANGE OF HABIT was made in 1969, and many believed DH was the real-life inspiration for the movie.

Delusional Precious said...

I never knew that pie was banana cream. The story gets more entertaining each time i hear it ;)

Daisy said...

Well hello there, Missy! :)

KH said...

This all ties in, but I'm not sure how, with the fact that Elvis is the first Protestant saint.

Daisy said...


Missed you KH! Do you have a blog? said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have success.