Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radio update with goats

Look who came out to greet me at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe's outdoor vendor event on Saturday. The brown one was named Anna and even answered to her name! They were sweet, friendly, beautiful. (you can click to enlarge)

If you need more, check out adorable Baby Goats and Friends. I now begin every day by checking in on them, as I drink my morning coffee.

Cuteness makes life better, always.


Other notable stuff:

[] Duke Energy's evil, money-grubbing, nefarious schemes have been steady network-news almost every night for a month. I can hardly keep up. Suffice to say: they are poisoning us, and they don't care. (Do they ever?)

They just ignore the media and the noisemakers and hope it will blow over... a strategy that has so far served them very well.

[] Meanwhile, in other sordid political news today, the Supreme Court made it legal to buy elections. Well, I guess its always been legal, but now they don't have to hide it or make any pretense.

They can hand over the cash right there in public, just like any other transaction.

[] The beautiful art of Azisa Noor! I just loooove her work, have a look!

[] My Flickr page, which I have been faithfully updating like a good girl. (Check out my red frog.)

[] My anemic little Tumblr page, where I have only a handful of followers. (PS: I took that background photo of blooming echinacea myself, on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.) Which is probably just as well, since that place is the worst cesspool since Reddit... sometimes, the kids are so mean, they scare me. Like, scared for the future; scared of what we will become. Because no, I don't think its a "phase"--I think people could well be getting worse. As in, lacking empathy, lacking love, lacking any sense of common humanity.

I know, I know, about 18 months ago, I went and agreed with Steven Pinker that the world is getting less violent, but that was before I started hanging out on Tumblr.

Let's see what Pinker thinks after hanging out on Tumblr a few months?


Occupy the Microphone update

It looks like we may be back on the air some time this month, probably at WMXP, the community-powered radio station here in town. This will be our 4th radio station in two and half years! I feel like I am getting to be an old hand at this stuff.

Community radio will be far different than what we were doing before, so we have to prepare and do it right. Efia Nwangaza runs the Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, where the (low-powered) radio station is located. It's only a few blocks from our last radio station (as the proverbial crow flies), but it is eons away in attitude and purpose: An anti-capitalist radio station! I never even believed there was such a thing, until I met Efia. Yes, I know various good-hearted attempts have been made, but I am amazed any of those attempts came to fruition and have actually survived until now. If anyone could make it happen, Efia could.

And so, currently, that's the plan. Times, dates, and subject matter are still being hassled out. Since we are doing things on a FAR SMALLER budget, it looks like we will all be learning how to operate the radio soundboard ourselves.

New skillz! I can't wait to learn how.


Anonymous said...

i'd like some goats but i heard they shit *every*where allll the time. lol. but so cute.

Gorgeous Gregg said...

So tired that I'll be a jackass and apologize for now and post a proper response tomorrow morning. :)

Gorgeous Gregg said...

OK, first off, Ms. Gorgeous wants goats. She adores them. I understand. They are adorable. I did notice a sheep in the tumblr...WTH? There is a BIG difference between goats and sheep. For realz.

DHEC will protect us from coal ash spills. (It's a joke for those outside the state.)

Re: the supreme court, you wrote "Well, I guess its always been legal, but now they don't have to hide it or make any pretense."

This is actually a point made by a friend. I certainly agree that this only makes legal what has gone on for a long time, but it's still bad. Come the revolution.....

I don't understand why you are using tumblr if the ethos there bothers you.

You are so right about Efia of course, but it's certainly not a done deal. I know everyone involved wants to make this happen, but you are so right that we need to have all our ducks in a row. You know how excited I am to get back to our listeners.

I am sure we'll be able to learn how to manage the boards etc, but you are right. It'll be a different feel to some degree, but Efia and the Malcolm X Center for self Determination have laid the groundwork for us.

Daisy Deadhead said...

I use Tumblr out of sheer amazement, the way I could not stop watching bad horror movies for awhile. Rubbernecking at the car accident; I am white trash and just can't restrain myself!

Also, this is the YOUTH and what happens to them now will influence our whole future. This is where "social justice activism" on the net seems to be headquartered, but its this weird funhouse-mirror version of social justice. These are social justice nazis, seriously. (fuck Godwin. Hard)
Example: The kids in this story believed themselves to be acting as social justice advocates when they carved a swastika into a kid's head, whom they believed had "nazi opinions". This is where it all leads. (Surprised there hasn't been more.)

I know, would like to do some brainstorming w/Efia. :) More in the Facebook message.

Gorgeous Gregg said...

Jeeze...I think I'd have to go with a youth group at church first. *Laughing*

I hope you're wrong about that being the nexus of social activism.