Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clemson player scares opposition with his eyes

At left: Clemson offensive lineman Kalon Davis, helping to start a new fashion trend. (Still photo from video at Sportstalksc.com.)

Clemson football player Kalon Davis intimidates other players with his spooky eyes! He got the idea for "blizzard contacts" from his favorite rapper, Hopsin. They are currently getting mixed reviews on the team.

Mandrallius Robinson writes in the Greenville News:
CLEMSON — Something special was in Kalon Davis’ eyes.

Davis, a senior offensive guard, reported for offseason workouts at the Clemson practice facility with an ominous stare.

It was more striking than a glare of focus and fervor. It was slightly less unnerving than sleep crusted in the corners of his eyelids.

It halted warm-ups that morning, as reactions ranged from concern …

“I thought his eyes were really messed up,” running back C.J. Davidson said.

to awe …

“They’re kind of cool, and they’re weird,” center Ryan Norton said.

... to dread.

“The most awful thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said. “I was standing on the paw and looking over at him hit the pad, and he just freaked me out. I didn’t know what it was until I got up on him, and I was like, ‘What is in your eyes?’ ”

With a coy grin, Davis gladly answered as he has for countless curious passersby.

“They are called blizzard contacts,” he said.

The only color on most contact lenses is a slight tint intended to assist the search during the certain disaster that one falls to the bathroom floor. Stylish contact customers alter their eye color with hazel, green or blue lenses.

However, blizzard contacts are only for the adventurous. They shade the iris white, yielding an eerie look that falls somewhere between startled nocturnal cat and zombie film extra.

“I just wanted to mix it up and cause a little stir,” said Davis, who borrowed the idea from his favorite rap artist, Hopsin, who sports similar contacts during performances and interviews.

“I told him, ‘You better not walk around campus with those eyes on,’ ” Norton said. “ ‘Those are pretty scary. You’re going to scare some people.’ ”

“Usually, I just get a double-take, and then they smile and walk away,” Davis said. “I always get a smile. That’s a good sign, I guess.”

As if his 6-foot-5, 338-pound build were not menacing enough, Davis wonders if his new stare will intimidate foes at the line of scrimmage. Defensive end Tavaris Barnes said the icy eyes may be more mystifying than terrifying.

Either way, Davis will catch some tackles off guard.

“I honestly can’t look at this dude in his face eye to eye,” Barnes said. “It’s freaky, man. Honestly, to me, it’s not intimidating, but it’s confusing. I just can’t do it.”

The contacts may make Davis stand out, but apparently, they fit perfectly with his personality.

“He’s a weird guy,” Davidson said. “He’s going to do what he wants to do. That’s just him. That’s Kalon.”

“If you know Kalon, he’s kind of goofy like that,” Swinney said. “He is one of the more interesting personalities on our team.”

Davis is a Chester native, avid soccer player, ardent video gamer, dog lover and Japanese major. This summer, he will travel to Japan for an internship.

“Hopefully, he leaves those contacts at home,” Swinney said, “because he’s a scary-looking guy as it is heading over there. That’s his swag, I guess. He’s the funky contact guy.

“I’m hoping he loses them between now and fall.”

The eerie eyes may be temporary, but through this spring, Davis aims to earn a permanent spot in Clemson’s starting line. He has trained primarily at right guard but also sparingly at left.

“It gives me a little versatility,” Davis said. “When it comes down to it, wherever I’ve got to be, I’m able to be there.”

“I’m proud of his development,” Swinney said. “He’s come into his own, and he’s sowing his oats a little bit -- and I’m feeling good about his décor.”
Decades ago, sitting around with some folks in New York, we tried to brainstorm "fashion of the future"--we erroneously believed punk had exhausted all of the gonzo-possibilities. Me and another guy said if hair can be blue, purple, red or magenta, so can EYES, and we both predicted that different colors of contact lenses--such as red, lavender, white, pink--would one day be in fashion. (Science-fiction writer Thomas Disch, may his soul rest in peace, wrote a novel in which he predicted various skin colors would also one day be a fashion, and I think he was onto something.)

Its taken us a long time to be right, but here we are!

I love Kalon's lenses, but I liked punk fashion too.


JoJo said...

That is pretty freaky but amusing. I'm just wondering how long it'll take for non-standard contacts to be banned b/c someone will complain.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Wow, Jojo, you think? Because I think its as cool as different hair colors...

Gorgeous Gregg said...

They are freaky and I can understand why he wants to use them.

The next time you get an idea like colored contact lenses, do that thing! A rich Daisy Deadhead would be a trip.