Sunday, March 9, 2014

Occupy the Microphone on hiatus

As some of you may have figured out by now, our radio show is currently on extended hiatus.

This has been a depressing development, but necessary.

The Occupy the Microphone crew is currently regrouping and trying to figure out what to do next. We are thinking about a group-oriented show (modeled on some of our very successful shows with Traci Fant) ... or maybe just concentrate on delivering a regular podcast? Over the past two and a half years, our show has been broadcast at three different time-slots on three different local radio stations. We need to step back and figure out what we want to do and the most economical way to get it done.

It's great to broadcast the news that no one else here in South Carolina will cover. We pride ourselves on having done that, but we also know that talk-radio tends to be a right-wing medium. We knew that our nationally-oriented shows were downloaded most often on the internet (as podcasts), and were far more popular than our local broadcasts. By contrast, our regionally-oriented shows got us a lot of local attention but didn't get the internet downloads that the big national-stories did. After awhile, we didn't know if we were (basically) a national or local show? Should we lead with one or the other type of story first? We dithered, argued, worried ... and unlike rich Republicans, we don't have marketing analysts and suchlike, to definitively tell us what to do. (sigh)

If we go back on local radio, it is likely we will need a flurry of advertising to keep us afloat this time.

Our hiatus is also due to a variety of other factors, in addition to our ongoing collective dithering over radio-show goals. These factors include my untimely and unnerving car accident, as well as the loss of a major advertiser ... but most important: Our producer, Gregg Jocoy, is dealing with his mother-in-law's extended illness. She is near death and is dying at home, not in a hospital. Gregg's family has the help of professional caregivers and hospice care, but caring for a terminally-ill person is still an enormous, overwhelming task. (Our last show talked about how most people die in hospitals now and not at home, and asked: Has this been good or bad for our culture as a whole?) Such work is emotionally draining as well as physically trying. Our best wishes are with Gregg and his family.

Meetings are scheduled, things are being cussed and discussed (as my grandmother used to say), and I will surely keep you updated.

Stay tuned, sports fans.


JoJo said...

Good luck with your reorganization with your radio show. Sorry to hear about your friend's mom though. Did you ever look into Blog Talk Radio? You all can participate live on the air by way of telephone, no matter where you are. Brian used to do a show every Sat. morning called The Pub, with friends in FL, TN & southern Cal.

D. said...

Yeek! Hope you find a path to a return to the airwaves soon.

Praying for you!

bryce said...

miss u gize! plz b back soon.

senchi said...

i can't remember the last person i heard of who "died at home" - not a hosp or nursing home. unless unexpected: stroke, heart attack or accident.

food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I miss y'all already. Who is going to do Haleyating for me now?

Conseglieri said...

Anon...we're working on it, and of course, Daisy's Dead Air is the original source of Haleyating.

Daisy, thanks for getting this up. I'll make a more meaningful response later tonight, but I wanted you to know how glad I am that I found this website.

You ain't seen nothing yet!

Larry E said...

Damn, damn, DAMN!

I kept on intending to call in one day just to say hello but whenever I had the chance (not often, because I'm usually at work when the show was on) I forgot! Or had some errand that couldn't wait. Or something. And damn.

Rats and bummer. :sigh:

diahann carroll's daughter said...

miss y'all here in sparkle city. and thanks for turning me onto the black talk radio network.

Conseglieri said...

Well, I still don't have an "Official Announcement" to make yet, but I believe that, if she's willing and able, we'll have a radio voice for Daisy and her fans again soon...weeks, not months I suspect.

Conseglieri said...

And, Diahann Carroll's Daughter, thanks for listening. If you heard Daisy on the radio in Spartanburg you may have to change over to online or via your smart phone when we get back up and running. We're exceptionally proud of our association with the Black Talk Radio Network.