Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Music - Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash

Music history lesson: You will notice that the traditional "Little Sadie" shares some of the same lines from Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues"... the first song is ominous and haunting; the second song more whimsical and defiant.

Both versions are great.

Warnings for woman-killing, drugs, etc.


Little Sadie - Grateful Dead (acoustic, live in Austin, TX 2/23/70)


Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash


Gorgeous Gregg said...

I remember how sad I was the first time I actually heard the lyrics in "Run For Your Life" by The Beatles.

Blue Heron said...

Clarence Ashley and Doc perform definitive versions of Little Sadie.

Jim said...

Then there's Stevie ray Vaughn's version of Robert Johnson's Boot Hill, where he tells his girlfriend to look up on the wall and hand him down his gun so he can shoot her for being unfaithful. These days it's women doing that kind thing.