Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday update (after the red velvet cake)

Today's Multicultural Festival was fabulous. Red velvet cake! Imani dancers! A special shout-out and copious compliments to Traci Fant for her hard work and terrific organizational skills.

It was especially fun because it was at McAlister Square, which is also the location of the WOLI radio studios, where we broadcast Occupy the Microphone. Today's show is up, as well as yesterday's, wherein we discussed various events in the ongoing trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. We discussed the racist trashing of young Rachel Jeantel (prosecution witness) at length, on both shows. (NOTE: I will be writing about the Zimmerman trial at length after the verdict, as I will also be writing about the Jodi Arias trial after her sentencing.)

And speaking of trials, my deepest apologies for omitting a link to Gregg's great interview with Alexa O'Brien, one of very few reporters covering the trial of Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. Extensive daily coverage of Bradley Manning's trial is available at her website.

Today, we wondered why some trials get daily televised coverage, and yet Manning's has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. One might even come to the conclusion that the government and media don't want us to hear the details.

Ya think?


OTHER RANDOM STUFF you might find interesting:

[] Paula Cooper, who made big news as a teenager sentenced to death row, was released from prison on June 17th. She was only 16 when she was sentenced to death for the grisly killing of 78-year-old Bible teacher Ruth Pelke, and in 1986 was the youngest death row inmate in the USA.

The Gary, Indiana, murder was quite famous throughout the Midwest, and often cited by various pundits of the day as proof that the world was going to hell in a handbasket. Cooper stabbed Pelke 33 times, and with three of her friends, took off with Pelke's car and a whopping $10. Due to her age and (lack of) social status, there was an international outcry over her death sentence, including an intervention from none other than Pope John Paul II. Her death sentence was set aside in 1988, and it has since been found unconstitutional to execute inmates under 18.

[] Me and a horror-movie actor get in a Twitter argument after the announcement of the Supreme Court's DOMA ruling. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee tweets "Jesus wept" and gets a torrential (and sometimes hilarious) response.

[] Charlotte, a local progressive, crafts strategies for electing Democrats/liberals here in South Carolina--and by extension, other conservative southern states. Contains an excellent analysis of the political psychology of the South, by a Greenville County native (and one of our regular radio show listeners).

[] I wrote about the documentary "Project Nim" over on Facebook.

[] Obama's War on Journalism (Salon) and Seven Myths about Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower (The Nation)

[] Sweet three-year-old Jameson Kessler is eager to save his baby sister's life with his bone marrow; he calls himself "Marrow Man"... yes, we all want to be superheroes, don't we?

And little Jameson will become a superhero for real. :)


Your official DEAD FROM CUTENESS video for this month features adorable Jumbo Pillow (he is only 6-months-old but looks older since he is, well, JUMBO PILLOW) meeting his new housemate Cooper. OMG!!! ((((faints from the cute))))

PS: This is called "Friday update" because I will not be online tomorrow, and this will have to do until after the weekend.


D. said...

I have linked to Ms. O'Brien's database and b/l/a/m/e/d/ credited you.

I'm surprisesd that I don't remember the Cooper case.

Happy (restful) Friday to you!

JoJo said...

Awwww!!!!! SO CUTE KITTEH!!!!!!

Try as I might, I just don't get the big deal about red velvet cake. I can't even tell what it's supposed to taste like. I've tried it in cake, cupcake and cookie form and I don't like it. :( I want to like it, but am always disappointed when I taste it.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jojo, sounds like you need MORE sugar! (LOL) Check out the recipe at the link, which is supposed to be the "classic" one. Some people use too much cocoa. I had one in Ohio that was pretty mediocre, but the ones I have eaten since moving south have been HEAVENLY!

Of course, could be that it only comes out right in the South. ;)

Conseglieri said...

I remember we saw the Imani Dancers at the Malcolm X Festival. Those young folks are excited and well trained. And you are SO right about all the hard work Traci Fant puts into the projects she's involved in. It's been wonderful to have her on Occupy The Microphone twice, and I hope we will have her on again soon.

Thanks for mentioning the Alexa O'Brien interview. I hope folks will check it out. There are some boo boos, but those are all on me.

As to the kitties, I think you'll find Ethan Zuckerman's idea interesting. It's called Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism.

Mama Moretti said...

Adorable kitties, d!

Blue Heron said...

Who proofed the poster?

Blue Heron said...

my mistake