Monday, May 13, 2013

Sums it up

(you can click to enlarge... distribute widely!)


Ann ODyne said...

Sadly, it sums up a lot of things about society these days.
We all have to think very quickly before doing anything that will bring attention to our own life. Journalists, and even the police, now know to go straight to FcBook for those holiday photos you thought would only interest your friends.
If we 'save' anyone, or help anywhere, it may be good to not reveal our name to anybody. One wonderful Civil Liberty we have in Australia, is that we are only required by law to give our name IF we are 'in a motor vehicle' at the time we are questioned.
cheers Miss Daisy

JoJo said...

I admit I don't watch the news and am selective what I read off CNN or links shared on Facebook. I didn't know they were bringing up his prison record; everything I've seen has been complimentary about Mr. Ramsey. His employers love him.

catsynth said...

Even though it's captioned, I think this could work for Wordless Wednesday ;)

Conseglieri said...

I wish the press and others would be as concerned about the criminal behavior of our politicians and the 1% who pull their strings.

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