Sunday, May 12, 2013

Collective security for surety

Last year, I wrote a piece called On the Future of Small Blogs... which turned out to be fairly prescient. Blogs like mine are closing shop right and left, even as the number of feverishly-self-involved Tumblr-blogs, which I admit I don't really get, expand exponentially as we speak.

Even though I don't get Tumblr, I do understand the reason for it (see link to last year's meanderings). It is a totally ungoverned, anonymous, proudly-mean place, like Reddit. When there are too many 'gated communities'--as the late genius JG Ballard often reminded us--people become hungry for chaos. And the stronger the gates, the more toxic and damaging the chaos will be.

The internet keeps splitting into more and more subcategories, subdynasties and sparkly-new social media sites ... I am reminded of the end of THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, in which our beleaguered protagonist realizes he is not going to die after all, but will instead get smaller and smaller and tinier and tinier... until he is microscopic. But he will still be here. I feel the exactly same way as a blogger.

The last line of the movie is every old-school bloggers cry into the night: I... STILL... EXIST!!!!


Lately I've been enjoying the fabulous Dubatomic Particles on Sunday nights.

Sharing the words of the prophet. He was right, you know.

Rat Race - Bob Marley and the Wailers

When you think is peace and safety:
A sudden destruction

Collective security for surety
Don't forget your history
Know your destiny

In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty


PS: Speaking of small blogs, linking my friend Virgil's new blog. Wish him your best!


Blue Heron said...

It is enough for me that those who get me, get me. I hate it when too many people are reading me, freezes me somehow. Some people are surprised nobody has plunked me already.

LarryE said...


Kinda sorta sometimes wondering why we bother and are we really accomplishing anything other than to make ourselves think we're accomplishing something but despite it all WE STILL EXIST!

Carry it on, my sister.

Conseglieri said...

I tried to leave a comment at Virgil's blog, but didn't have an "ID" I could use. Now I know what voting is gonna be like in SC for some.