Friday, November 9, 2012

Paul Krugman on the election

In a piece boldly titled SOCIALISM! in the New York Times, Paul Krugman writes:

I have to say, the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on the right comes as a surprise. We knew that they would be upset; but the extent to which they were really, truly unprepared for the obvious possibility that Obama would be reelected is remarkable.
One thing that caught my eye, in particular, has been the wailing that Americans have turned socialist. (Conservatives haven’t failed America — America has failed conservatives!) Thus John Hinderaker of 'Bush is a genius' fame declares--
To me, the most telling incident of the campaign season was a poll that found that among young Americans, socialism enjoys a higher favorability rating than free enterprise. How can this possibly be, given the catastrophic failure of socialism, and the corresponding success of free enterprise, throughout history? The answer is that conservatives have entirely lost control over the culture.
Oddly, he doesn’t even seem to consider the more obvious possibility: after decades in which right-wingers have attacked long-established institutions — Social Security, progressive taxation, unemployment insurance — as “socialism”, a lot of young people now believe them, and think that this “socialism” thing really isn’t so bad.
As for me, I am glad I didn't scrub off those OBAMA 08 bumper stickers from days gone by.

I rather enjoy the dirty looks and grim countenances I see this week in my rear-view mirror.


white rabbit said...

Come to Europe where the word 'socialism' doesn't cause involuntary bowel movements ...

JoJo said...

The conservatives have really overreacted and gone off the deep end about this election. I unfriended Russell's cousin on FB b/c of her all-caps, profanity laced, bible quoting diatribes calling Obama supporters 'fucking assholes'. Ah well. She was a bitch in high school and obviously still has an anger management problem.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Craziest video ever! MUST LISTEN TO THIS! (warning: insane right-wing lunacy, unhinged and NSFW)

Obama Was Re-Elected - I'm pissed - This ain't pretty. NSFW!!! (Or civilized humans.)

Punctuated by her taking drinks of alcohol, of course.

senchi said...

woa that is scary, daisy!

D. said...

But she's such a great advertisement for Romney and Republicans/conservatives! Why of course I'd want people just like her in power!


I'd send her a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia--she'd probably like it there just fine, except for the lack of booze and not driving and all--but I have better things to do with that money. (Car upkeep.)

Conseglieri said...

That has GOT to be one of the MOST embarrassing thing I have ever heard.

The last time I voted for someone who was actually elected President was 1976...Jimmy Carter. If I went ape-shit every time my candidate lost, I'd be nothing but ape...and shit of course. :-)