Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a big announcement coming on the radio show Saturday, so stay tuned! I have been FAR too excited to blog about it, and also don't wanna spoil the surprise. I will be announcing it here on Saturday, after the show.

By the way, it is also our 25th wedding anniversary! We went to Atlanta and back, and have been taking it easy this week. It's been a very nice holiday for us both.

I made him a Deadhead and he made me a fangirl. Good trade!


I also transformed my spouse into a confirmed cat-person... or maybe he always was one, just waiting to emerge? I just introduced the cats, and the rest happened naturally.

Time for Simon's Cat! In attempting to find boxes to ship Christmas presents, I experienced the following, as most cat-owners have:


And I really love this one. My younger cat has perfectly imitated all the habits of my older cat:


Hope your holiday is good too!


JoJo said...

Happy Anniversary! I love Simon's Cat and can't wait to hear your announcement!

catsynth said...

Cute. Thanks for the Simon's Cat videos! Happy Anniversary and Thanksgiving!