Sunday, June 5, 2011

HeroesCon 2011

Heroes Convention at the Charlotte Convention Center this weekend, razzle-dazzle for fantasy fans of all ages. This was my second HeroesCon and it was loads of magical fun. I managed to satisfy a lifelong ambition by locating (and happily purchasing) a Speed Racer T-shirt! (I guess you're all pretty jealous now, huh?)

Photos below.

First up--WIMMINZ COMIX, yeah! We proudly practice Affirmative Action here at DEAD AIR, and hereby give space to the Women of HeroesCon, exhorting them to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK in that veritable sea of testosterone that is the modern comics industry. YOU GO GIRLS! It was wonderful to talk with all of you.

1) Laura Martin, a comics-veteran (experienced enough to have her own Wikipedia page), she has worked for both DC and Marvel.

2) Cat Staggs

3) Rachelle Rosenberg

4) Sara Richard

5) Rhiannon Owens

6) Amy Mebberson draws adorable Disney characters.

7) Gina Kirlew is affiliated with BLAM!--Atlanta Female Comic Book Creators' Group.

8) Elaine Corvidae, author of Riven Sol. We talked about the need for older women in comics (as creators AND characters), and she proudly showed me her newest 47-year-old heroine. SPECIAL MENTION! :)

9) I briefly panicked that I didn't know who this was... I sifted through the mountain of colorful, illustrated business cards I brought home with me and lo and behold... there she was! Laura Truxillo has business cards with her likeness drawn thereon, looking exactly like the photo below, even including the hat... in fact, her blog is subtitled "the girl with the hat." Quite Truxillogical, indeed.

10) Sarah 'Pickles' Dill

11) Danielle Soloud

12) I am 99% sure this is Brittany Michel, one of the Snow by Night team, who gave me a very nice button with "Snow by Night" on it, for my infamous con hat. I know I wrote her name down somewhere! (sigh)

13) Bridgit Scheide

14) and 15) The enormous Stylin Online enclave, where a multitude of t-shirts representing every possible permutation of pop-culture is well-represented... this is where I got my Speed Racer t-shirt (as well as my much-admired Reservoir Dogs shirt from years gone by).

16) Old movie poster; there were about two zillion on display.

17) He insists on attending every single con, even though he is SO unfriendly he barely says a word to anyone. And so BOSSY!

18) through 28) Fans having fun.

29) John Bintz, creator of Dawn's Dictionary Drama... who was sweet enough to visit DEAR AIR last year and therefore earned himself a special citation. HI JOHN!

30) A CRY-BABY t-shirt I woulda bought if I was still a teenager; subtitled GOOD GIRLS WANT HIM BAD, BAD GIRLS WANT HIM WORSE!

Ah, ain't it the truth.

31) I gotta genuine nerdy thrill from recognizing these two medical professionals! I've even mentioned them on DEAD AIR before (comments in thread here)... they are from the old Twilight Zone episode, The Eye of the Beholder.

32) A shout-out for local store Planet Comics from Anderson, SC.

33) Fellas busy working on the Comic Geek Speak podcast.

34) Yes, there is always SOMEONE upset about the con. The guy with this sign solemnly picketed outside the Charlotte Convention Center whilst accompanied by a very well-behaved dalmation wearing a little red firefighter hat that said, "Fire Dept"--get it? (Hellfire, Fire Dept? Cute, huh?)

Admit you are impressed that Catholics get listed on the sign in THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES. Just so you know!

I admit, I miss the rapture signs from our last con experience...

And now, beaming up. Hope your weekend was as good!



D. said...

Always good to remember that there is fandom everywhere! (One of the members of a pre-online group I belonged to I think lived in SC, but that was 30 years ago and it would be nice if I could remember a namae.)

And thanks for foregrounding the women!

Blue Heron said...

I was an early fanboy but stopped going to cons when the underground artists left in about 1980. The only really great women artist that I remember from the day was Trina Robbins. I was in on the nascent days of San Diego. Met Sturgeon, Zelazny, Forrie, George Clayton johnson. Kirby drew on my leg cast as did S. Clay Wilson. Now about the only guy I read is Stan Sakai and Usagi. These lady artists you present look very competent.


Love the going to hell pic. Would like to borrow.


Was the blather comment by D. a shot across my bow? Oh well, maybe it's a gender thing. Mouse did do a lot of nice illustration for them, including the current tour poster, I will say that. Never heard anything musical out of them, personally. But as the old cowboy said, there['s an ass for every saddle.

DaisyDeadhead said...

BH, be my guest, use my hellfire photo, but link me. My # of hits is currently in the toilet, and I blame Facebook for changing the world! LOL

Blue Heron said...

Duly linked.

sheila said...

okay, that last sign? OMG. That about covers everyone. lol.

As for comics, I've never been a fan, but this post is sooooooooo cool! What a neat looking time! I love all the photos! And how insane to be able to meet the writers! Today you will be my something new, this just looks SO fun!

Lindsay said...


(I've been to one big con, Archon in St. Louis. Would love to go to more!)

I think I've actually seen that very same sign here in Kansas ... if not that same one, at least one that's very similar, with a hilariously inclusive list of everyone the sign-bearer thinks is going to hell.

Dave Dubya said...

Wow, Catholics are mentioned three times more than murderers. Death to the evil Papists! And apparently, death to anybody who disagrees with the Bible thumpers.

How "Christian".

JoJo said...

WOW! That looks like a great time! I loved the costumes.

Renegade Evolution said...



SC Boy said...

I have a Cry Baby poster on the back of my door. It was my mom's on the garage and I stole it...