Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday musings from beyond

Hey there boyz and girls! Your humble narrator, wrestling with an enormous metal shelf wedged into the wall, succeeded in banging herself on the head with said metal shelf, thereby imitating some of her favorite cartoon characters (see left). I saw stars, stars in the sky, stars all around. But I got it OUT, she cackled dementedly; the main thing is to not let these stubborn inanimate objects get the better of you!

There is a big BUMP on my head, luckily covered up by bangs. (See, bangs not only cover forehead wrinkles, they also cover histories of battles with stubborn metal shelves.)

What you should read while my head recovers:

Fabulous Kay Olson (who I wish would go back to blogging) posted the following dynamite AlterNet link on Facebook: Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer. OMG, really?!? Subtitled: Her works are treated as gospel by right-wing powerhouses like Alan Greenspan and Clarence Thomas, but Ayn Rand found early inspiration in 1920's murderer William Hickman. (Daisy's sub-subtitle: Are you surprised?)

As regular readers know, I avoid the name of Ayn Rand like the plague, or rather, like any discussion of the 2nd Amendment, which brings the various Black Helicopter Factions out of the woodwork. Here at DEAD AIR, I usually refer to her by her given birth-name (she named herself after a typewriter; well, of COURSE she did): Alisa Rosenbaum. This has so far fooled the search engines. (NOTE: The Randoids are now officially denying the typewriter story... wonder if they will also try to creatively spin her crush on the serial killer?) But now? This post? Open season. I have thus posted this on my day off, so I can babysit the thread and fend off attacks from Free Marketers Run Berserk (henceforth referred to as FMRB) and other assorted True Believers from the Randoid Camp.

I hope FMRB fully understand that they will contract all manner of socialist cooties if they come here! (takes out bright red cootie larvae and sprinkles protectively all over blog) But as is true of the gun-freaks, I don't think they care.

Imagine the varieties of ideological cooties they must have already.

In any event, that is some great reading.


Why I Love Blogging Dept:

I met the illustrator of the Lovecraft Tarot! Daryl Hutchinson, artist extraordinaire, contacted me about what I wrote here and thanked me for the compliments. We chatted on Facebook and I discovered he works less than a mile from where I do! (Cue up "It's a small world after all"; I must say, all manner of cool people live in Upstate South Carolina these days, she marveled.) He gave me some SIGNED PRINTS of his Lovecraft deck, including the one at left, Major Arcana #12.

In the traditional deck, #12 is the Hanged Man. In the Lovecraft deck, #12 is represented by the character of Crawford Tillinghast, protagonist of the famous HP Lovecraft story, From Beyond.

I'm hanging them up in my future fancy Tarot digs... which I will someday have as an old hillbilly/hippie woman giving tarot readings in a spooky, drafty old storefront (preferably in some refurbished warehouse district someplace). It will have cool old tapestries and pillows and beads and rugs and scarves hanging everywhere. And posters, like this one... and now, I have signed Lovecraft tarot prints!

It was great to meet you, Daryl, and hope you will take my suggestion about Dragon*Con. Your work is beautiful!

11 comments: said...

I'd gladly be your first tarot customer.

Very cool!

JoJo said...

Oh Daisy your poor head! Hey it least it wasn't an anvil. But you should have deployed an umbrella and a sign that said, "help". lmao

southcarolinaboy said...

"I hope FMRB fully understand that they will contract all manner of socialist cooties if they come here! (takes out bright red cootie larvae and sprinkles protectively all over blog) But as is true of the gun-freaks, I don't think they care."


They will probably shoot each individual larva with a separate bullet. For "conservatives", they tend not to be, in some of the more practical ways.

Marion said...

I hope your bump has gone down, dear Daisy...sounds like that really hurt!

You are so lucky to receive those signed prints of the Lovecraft I've been admiring for some time. Your future fancy tarot digs sounds super...I'll be one of the first in line to have my cards read.

Have a great weekend recuperating!


i think if the said I had to leave west, texas and was forced to go..I'm sure it would be to south always seemed to be a place i could love.

La Lubu said...

Wow. Further confirmation of the sociopathy of Ayn Rand and her nondeistic Calvinism. Excellent post, Daisy!

P.S....all those red socialist cooties you sprinkled all over here are itching me in the good way, LOL! Though I must say, seeing your local weather front-and-center on your sidebar is making me jealous as hell. I shoveled a foot-and-a-half of snow (in some places more, where it drifted) the other day.

Blue Heron said...

I love the card but it's funny. I am such a Waite traditionalist. Futuristic decks don't allow me to connect. It's like playing chess with fancy pieces. Need simple distillation to get in the right zone. Probably a personal problem.

white rabbit said...

You don't mention why you were wrestling with an enormous metal shelf wedged into the wall.

I'm sure there was a reason nodnod.

The Rand etc person's parents were expropriated by the bolsheviks, thus giving her a horror of what the great unwashed might get up to if allowed. Explains a lot...

DaisyDeadhead said...

WR, I've read all the major dish on Rand; the Branden books (both Nathaniel and Barbara) are the major go-to reads... I highly recommend them for all the fabulous in-group cult-gossip.

Yes, Rand endured fascism, then set herself up as the Stalin of her own rather merciless cult. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ("Those who hunt monsters must be careful not to become monsters themselves.") The ideology she adhered to, insured that *no mercy* would ever be countenanced, and it wasn't.

Her Stalinesque behavior in the Objectivist Cult mirrors the way the Right has behaved, at least here in the USA, where her ideas really took hold.

white rabbit said...

And about the shelf?


DaisyDeadhead said...

WR, I was MOVING IT, of course. :P