Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I read the news today oh boy...

We've been comfortably snowed in, but today I actually have to go to work in this mess! Ahhh, she said wistfully, our surprise southern snow vacation is over. No more Law and Order marathons for me! (It was almost as great as a real holiday!) I'll try to post some purty snow photos later.

I have been so upset over the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, that I have not been able to adequately verbalize my feelings, except to repeat some variation of I TOLD YOU SO. As I've said here numerous times, it's getting bad out there. I am at Ground Zero of Reload Territory, and I've worried something like this would happen. The Tea Party proudly and routinely traffics in incendiary, artillery-oriented language, and don't let them tell you any different, now that they have this on their heads. Suddenly, those little symbols on Sarah Palin's website are not cross-hairs, oh no, they are SURVEYOR SYMBOLS. (Do you believe that shit? Talk about memory holes, George Orwell, call your office.)

This is what transpires when extremists like Palin and Beck continually fan the flames of Tea Party discontent, using dangerous rhetoric... AND (incidentally) we have a clutch of disaffected, angry young men with semi-automatic weapons running loose throughout the land. Presto.

I'll be back after a trudge through the arctic. For more reading:

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sheila said...

Also a great advertisement for the right that anyone can legally own a semi automatic. Yup, great example. This dude got it legally! I commend whoever turned down his purchase at Walmart for ammo. But I suppose the whole thing is just a little too late.

JoJo said...

We live in some scary times. And now those whack jobs, the Phelps Family, are going to protest at the funerals. Unreal. Did you see that the little girl who was killed was born on 9/11/01?

Donald said...

That has always been what politics is about. Using force and that it incites violence among the disturbed is no surprise. Was it really Republican caused? He is a registered Democrat, you know.


Thomas said...

I can't really believe how much this crap works! NO ONE is responsible for this psycho's act but him. And now the knee-jerks are doing just as they are supposed to screaming for restrictions on speech and property/protection rights. I'm not blaming the "left" for this crap despite the fact that this guy aligned mostly with the left. That doesn't stop Bolshevik operatives like Potok and the criminal SPLC from desparately trying to attach this MK Uktra freak to the "extreme right". Why don't you post about the thousands killed and injured by uniformed authority figures of your beloved state?

DaisyDeadhead said...

Thomas, if the left wing is responsible for XYZ whenever it happens, then the right wing gets to be equally responsible when ABC happens. See? Sorry, but that's how it works.

When Beck shuts up, so will we. (I heard his craziness yesterday, still BLAMING THE LEFT for this action.) Otherwise, let the blood on right-wing hands speak for itself.

It won't come out either, just like the blood on Lady Macbeth.

Thomas: Why don't you post about the thousands killed and injured by uniformed authority figures of your beloved state?

Um, have you read my blog? Are you saying I DON'T? Well gee, why do I get regular hits from the Dept of Homeland Security? (WAVES AT UNCLE SAM! HEY YALL!)

It's patently hilarious that you write this bizarre sentence, right after I get a thousand angry hits on my post about "feminist collaboration with the state"--oh yeah, I'm all about the state, just like most ex-Yippies! LOL--you're a hoot. Or maybe just illiterate. Read my blog and my opinions before commenting please, and try not to sound like a fool... or I start deleting with aplomb.

Thanks in advance.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Thomas, does this upset you as much, or only when us lefties do it?:

Right-wing Media Rush To Label Loughner A "Liberal"


every one is trying to either cover their ass or 'denial denial denial.'