Saturday, January 1, 2011


When the blue meanies in Blogdonia get nasty with me, they make fun of my official Blogdonia name. :(

Airhead, Deadbrain, etc. "Your name is perfect!" they like to sneer at me. *sigh*

And so, my first short post for the new year (getting in shape for my new blog-habits, shorter posts! more often!) will be to EXPLAIN "Deadhead" (noun) and "Deadheading" (verb).

Deadhead (noun): Fan of the Grateful Dead. (whom I hope need no introduction!)

Deadheading (aviation):

term used for a return flight made by a commercial aircraft without any cargo or paying passengers on board.

By extension, a member of an airline's flight staff carried free of charge but not working is known as a deadhead. This most often happens when airline crew are located in the wrong place and need to travel to take up their duties. This is also known as 'positioning.'
Deadheading (gardening):
refers to the removal of dead or spent flowers either to encourage more flowering or to improve the general appearance of the plant. Most annuals and many perennials will continue to bloom throughout the growing season if deadheaded. Rudbeckia and Echinacea are good examples of perennials that benefit from deadheading.
Deadheading (railroads):
when a crew is transported from one terminal to another, or needs to be transported to pick up a train. When deadheading they may travel by train or auto.

It also refers to the empty, non-revenue-generating movement of a passenger train to a station or yard as required by the schedule. These moves are usually performed to position the equipment and crews for an ensuing, scheduled revenue (passenger-carrying) run.
I like all those definitions!

Admittedly, the floral reference is especially appropriate for me right now; we need to prune the tops of flowers to make the overall plant stronger. Indeed, we certainly do! The roots also benefit from generous deadheading. And what a coincidence, that I am in the process of doing this in my own life.

The name is still accurate and always will be.

Happy New Year, everyone!


D. said...

They discovered Making Fun Of Names very young, and never got over it (not that anyone does, wholly, but we're less likely to consider it an argument).

Y'know, I didn't know that actually helped in gardening.

D. said...

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Marion said...

I've just read your previous post and had great fun reading all those comments! I love reading your longer posts...they always give me lots of fodder to mull over. And I believe you're very wise and knowledgeable about all sorts of subjects.

Happy New Year, will flower beautifully in 2011!

JoJo said...

Happy New Weir from one Deadhead to another. I always thought it was cool that we shared our name with a train expression.

Screw the trolls. Tell them to be gone, before someone drops a house on them!!!

BTW, I attribute our rhododendrons' failure to thrive on my resistance to deadheading the flowers. It's just too much work! lol

southcarolinaboy said...

Deadheading (Blogdonia) - pruning away the trolls from the comment threads.

LarryE said...

Um, I'm sorry, but these people saw the name, maybe even came to the site and saw the logo and still didn't know what it referred to?

Just how culturally deprived are these people?

Blue Heron said...

The name Grateful Dead comes from a cycle of british folk tales which relate a story of a hero who encounters people who are mistreating the dead by refusing to bury a corpse. The hero gives up his last pennies to provide a decent burial for this stranger. Later, he meets someone who saves his life, or assists him in an impossible task, or helps him find a fortune. Of course this heroic role can be of either either gender.

I salute you for still flying your freak flag freely. For many of us deadheads, the iconography was burned into the neural networks with the aid of psychedelic sacraments. Since you forsake "the partake", you exhibit double courage. I salute you and wish you well in the new year.


as my sweet departed mother would say:..fuckem all but 6 and save them for pall bearers.

white rabbit said...

And a happy New Year to you :D

As a peaceful man, far be it from me to suggest that dimwits who come out with lame stuff like airhead and deadbrain and no doubt think that they are being immensely witty should be dispensed of with a bullet in trhe back of them neck.


Certainly not!

sheila said...

See, I learned a few new things today! Whoo Hooo! lol Happy New Year Daisy!

Anonymous said...

I found you. I think, I will come back.

Old hippies, dogs and cat, home made chocolate chip cookies and beer.

Anonymous said...

oh yea, this is lee from ef,
lee tucker