Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lisa Blount 1957-2010

At left: Sid isn't gonna like what Lynette says next.

One of the greatest movie-bitches of all time has passed. She was my age.

Lisa Blount played the evil vixen Lynette, who drove nice-guy Sid (David Keith) to suicide in An Officer and a Gentleman. I also remember her from John Carpenter's creepy Prince of Darkness, which you will hopefully see rerun during Halloween weekend. She was an Oscar-winning producer, as well.

The expression worn on Blount's face as she exits the motel room in An Officer and a Gentlemen, after telling Sid her period is late? (Note: it wasn't.) Priceless, just priceless. Actresses who can convey entire WORLDS OF THOUGHT in their facial expressions, are in short supply... botox is making them obsolete, for the most part.

Goodbye dearest Lisa. People everywhere would remark for DECADES about "that bitch in Officer and a Gentleman," and I hope you were suitably proud of your work. Although the ultra-famous leads overshadowed you, your accusatory shout, "You're no different than I am, Paula!"--was the best line in the movie (and the only feminist line), delivered with the ring of truth, which it was. She wasn't any different than you, but people had to believe she was to enjoy the movie, didn't they? You kicked ass, girlfriend.

Rest in peace.


sheila said...

I've got nowhere to go sir...I've got nowhere else to go!

Ahhhhhhh LOVE that movie. COuld watch it over and over again.

How sad that she passed.

sheila said...

I think this is the first time I was first! Woot!

JoJo said...

That's so sad! She's way too young to pass away. I only saw the movie once, back in college (1983), so unfortunately I don't remember her.

JoJo said...

PS Rest in Peace to James "Book em Danno" MacArthur too. :(