Monday, June 1, 2009

Save St Lawrence Basilica

The City of Asheville has scrapped plans for a park across from the beautiful and historic Basilica of St Lawrence, and a hotel is being planned instead. I don't know where they are going to put a hotel the size of which they are considering, including retail areas and parking. (Are they serious?)

The Basilica was built in 1905 by renowned architect Rafael Guastavino, who designed the "tile arch system" used in parts of the New York subways. The same tile arches are inside the Basilica, designating it an historic landmark.

The proposed retail-hotel development will completely overshadow the Basilica (one of my favorite places in the world) and cut off access from downtown Asheville. Also, after construction, I don't think you'll be able to see the Basilica from I-26 at all.

This is why we need landmarks preservation, folks.

More from Democratic Underground,, and Mountain Xpress.

They seem determined to ruin Asheville.


Save the Basilica!


sheila said...

How sad. But how American...a park won't bring in any money. A huge ass hotel will. It's all about the Benjamin's baby!

Anya said...

Thanks for the lovely story :))
Great video !!
purrss Kareltje
greetz Anya

Kia said...

This is awful news.

I fell in love with my husband in Black Mountain and for over 3 years split our time between here and there. But I've been out of touch with what's going on there the last couple of years.

Thanks for this reminder so I can look up some old friends and see how the are faring with this and so many of the other changes...

CrackerLilo said...

This is really sad. In Orlando, where I come from, there's hardly any architecture that's older than I am. (I'm 35.) I hate to see that fate befall other areas.

John Powers said...

This deal smells fishy.

The park in front of the Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans is a good example of how a beautiful building can make an common space which helps to orient people to the place.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Pittsburgh is Saint Paul's. It's a very beautiful building but faces directly onto a busy street. The big anti-war march happened on a snowy and very cold January day. The march terminated right in front of the cathedral. Standing there in the street it seemed I was seeing the building anew. Open space can make all the difference. I hope the people of Asheville are able to reconsider this development plan.

mikeb302000 said...

It is a very beautiful building. We have so many here in Rome that we take them for granted. In the States, they're more scarce and therefore more valuable. Good luck with saving it.

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