Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun search terms, June edition

All of the following terms were used to find my blog in Yahoo or Google:

forgive those lifelong suicides robert hunter*

u.s. supreme court t-shirt "fuck the army"

love quotes involving tambourines

"Alice Cooper" "Bob Jones University"

famous dead golfers

biker funhouse old fart

england home school well-done or relative friend to speak to bring teacher name to guess what a an beatiful surname pronoun to do to make

i had 80 favorite cities on weather underground and you deleted it

Mark Sanford on crack for HOW LONG?

Mark Sanford stupid

Mark Sanford idiot

Mark Sanford mistress?

I need to kill fleas NOW crazy insane drugs fleas herbs kill fleas?

Feminist christians UNFAIR to women and christians!

Did king edward invent the Cromer Carnival of 1969

Can republicans be vegetarian?

Did Bob Dylan mean Nixon?

Real Housewives of New York TV botox! botox! botox!


Now, who can argue with that? (name that movie quote!)

*I was intrigued by this line, and followed the search term back to Google, where I found Blue Heron's blog, and the entire quote in context:

Forgive those lifelong suicides
you who jumped into the water
fully clothed
to rescue the reflection
of the setting sun.

Robert Hunter


Blue Heron said...

Daisy, I appreciate the link but must confess to reciting the poem from memory so it might not be accurate. Somewhere I have a copy of the book Night Cadre and will forward the actual lines...

Thene said...

Best one I've had lately is 'grok bondage vagina'. I have no idea, really.

Rachel said...

"Alice Cooper" "Bob Jones University"

...rofl :))

debonairdebacles said...

I love search term posts! Don't you wish you had the e-mails of some of these people? For example, I'd love to answer the "can republicans be vegetarian" query. They can be, my first cousin is a strict vegetarian (yeah!) but voted for Bush and McCain (ugh).

Blue Heron said...

Here's a beauty I got today: Sacramento, California arrived from google.com on "Blue Heron Blast: January 2009" by searching for parents sadistic practices of having daughters bladders catherized and studied.

Bobbi said...

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